What are the 15 Questions You Should Ask a Web Design Agency before Hiring them?

Successful completion of your project depends on your selection of an appropriate web design. After all, it is their job to design a site that captures visitors’ attention immediately, keeps their attention, and ultimately results in new business.

Your company’s success will depend on the efficacy of your marketing materials. More potential customers can be attracted to your business through an up-to-date, mobile-friendly website than through any other method. Because of how crucial a role your website plays in your business, you should invest in a professional web design firm. Therefore, we have put together 15 questions you should ask any prospective Web Design firm.

1. Do you only do web design, or do you also provide other services?

In your search for a web designer, prioritize finding someone who can do more than make a gorgeous page. Because of their proficiency in search engine optimization and strategic advertising, they can construct a website that effectively generates leads and guides visitors down the sales funnel. Is content creation offered, such as blogging, social media marketing, and similar services?

2. How long would it take to create my new website?

This is an important query to pose to the Web Design Company. Most service-oriented, information-specific websites take between four and twelve weeks to develop on average, depending on unique needs and subscription options.

True, there are two ways to approach this inquiry. How long will it take agency, and how long will it take you, the business owner? You must prepare your content, domain name, and a few other things before beginning the web design process.

3. How many websites landing pages can we expect?

The vast majority of web designers use the standard five-page website layout.

The Front Page
Site Biography
Support Site
Get in Touch with us / Weblog
In addition, you may have to list any Service Pages or landing pages you need. Ideally, you would have a dedicated landing page or sales page for each service. Verify if additional landing page costs are factored into the quoted price.

4. Have you guys provided the stock photos for the website?

Determine if you can use stock photographs instead or if you will have to provide your own. There should be a mix of stock and authentic company/team photos on every company’s website. Therefore, the business owner is responsible for providing authentic images, such as team photos, logos, portfolio images, etc. While original photography is encouraged, stock photography will also have some requirements. Find out if your old site’s images can be utilized in the new layout without paying extra for stock photos.

Any website design Package you purchase from Redberries Agency includes access to our extensive library of stock images.

5. What kinds of conversion methods do you recommend?

There needs to be more than just a website that looks nice to warrant employing a web design agency. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), UI (User Interface), and UX (User Experience) are all essential components of any successful website. In addition, the service’s website needs an effective method of persuasion. Inquire if they prefer a particular conversion approach over others, such as lead magnets, pop-ups, etc.

6.During the pre-project phase, what do you require from me?

If you ask yourself this question before starting a project, you will save time afterward trying to track down photographs, content, or passwords that may be needed. You should expect them to have a complete list of what they require.

7. Do you create mobile-friendly websites?

Websites that are “mobile-friendly” are optimized for use on any portable computer, including smartphones and tablets. Approximately 91% of mobile users agree that easy access to content is crucial. Therefore, many visitors could think about quitting a website if they need help locating the information they need. Sites that are “mobile-friendly” are optimized for use on smaller screens.

8.When making the site, do you use search engine optimization best practices?
If you want your site to rank higher in search results, you need to implement SEO best practices. Advanced keyword research and link-building tactics can be implemented after the foundation has been created.

9. What kind of content administration system do you employ?

Simply put, what does CMS mean?

A content management system (CMS) is software that lets non-technical people build and maintain websites.

Using a user-friendly interface, a content management system (CMS) facilitates material production, administration, editing, and distribution. Instead of writing code, you can alter the look and feel of your website by using premade themes and add-ons. More than one person can access the backend of the same tool at the same time.

10. How do you come up with your designs?

Quality web design involves more than just making a website; the secret to success is to take a methodical approach. Inquire about the web agency’s payment terms, Deliverables, and timeline in detail.

11. Do you create unique sites from scratch or start with premade layouts?

A website’s design might be made from scratch, based on an existing template, or a hybrid. Of course, a tailor-made solution will provide you with the best possible experience, but it will also likely cost you more. Find out what choices they have and how they affect your finances by asking questions.

12. Do you have a portfolio of your work?

How, then, can you pick the best agency from all the ones you have found? One approach would be an audit of the agency’s holdings. This can help you determine whether or not they are capable of meeting your needs and whether or not you would enjoy working with them.

13.How much does it typically cost to hire a web design firm?

Launching a business in the modern day is less complicated, takes less time, and can be done anywhere with an internet connection. The vast majority of company heads think having an online presence is crucial. However, one of the most common concerns is “how much does a website cost?” Moreover, how much should one expect to pay for a website that meets one’s needs without breaking one’s bank?

14. Do you provide Blogs initially?

Maintaining a blog is one of the best methods to reach your target audience, increase traffic, and generate more leads while establishing your authority by providing them with content they can use.

15. How will people find the website, and what leads will it produce?

Sharing content on social media, pinning to Pinterest, using social ads, using paid search, and so on are just a few of the many methods that may be used to increase website traffic. Simply increasing your website’s traffic will not lead to any sales. You must have a website that is ready to convert visitors into leads. A lead can be nurtured and turned into a customer with the help of an email marketing campaign.

Finally, use these 15 questions to ensure you are hiring the Right Web Designer to obtain the results you want from your website. It may seem like a daunting task to pick the best agency. However, you will be on the right track if you know what you need and check the right places to determine if the agency can provide it. Finding the top firm to work with should be easy.