Who should do SEO? Is it an SEO Company in Dubai or your IT Team?

Tips To Hire The Right SEO Agency

or your IT Team - who will be a better choice for your website's SEO?. Third Mythbuster of SEO.

SEO is perceived as something technical. And in-house IT team is perceived to be the experts in technical computing. This technical commonness makes most of the companies’ assume that IT team can handle SEO role with great ease. This is one prominent reason why many business organizations in Dubai appoint IT teams to perform continuous online and search optimization.

But, delegating this important web promotion strategy has its share of ups and downs. IT team serves broad functions and is adept in many technical areas. But that doesn’t qualify for dynamic SEO Dubai markets. Such heavy online dependent markets require great concentration and streamlined way of carrying out this important optimization function.

It cannot be denied that a part of search engine optimization requires technical expertise, like making a website crawlable, setting up redirects, codings, etc. However, the special online promotion function requires more to it in terms of marketing, promotion and content building. All such are mixed creatively to form a perfect SEO strategy suiting a particular organization in focus.

Appointing in-house IT team for SEO lacks vision for it doesn’t helps the businesses gain maximum benefits even for a continuous exercise. If compared with the work strategy of SEO company, the IT departments lack optimism. They just follow management orders and are not online marketers. They require outsourcing for everything, including content creation as well.

Contrarily, the digital agency Dubai are equipped wholly to suit the web optimization. Facilitated with the strengths of digital marketers including account managers, SEO content writers, and marketing professions, such an agency is specialized in their work. They work as per a defined strategy to strengthen a website and facilitate its functioning constructively.

Red Berries is one of the leading digital agencies in Dubai holding specialization in SEO. As a part of its SEO awareness campaign, the agency is readily busting out myths regarding the same. And the third busted myth is that SEO should be delegated to experts. The companies should not expect multi-tasking from the existing IT Team. Instead, they should hire experts in the field for a more accountable SEO job.

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