Starting your own website?

Can a website contribute so much to business was the question asked by one of our customers as he never visited his own company’s website since years now?

We asked him what’s the first step he takes when he want to buy a thing. ‘I Google it’, said he with no hesitation. We added, “That’s what people do to find the products you sell as well”. He was then astonished to see how well his competition was performing on the internet grounds. Then he wanted us to do something urgently. Will it work that way? Having a website is good but then keeping the website engaging is what it makes successful.

Engaging Business Prospects in the Internet World

A potential customer in the internet age has come up as a wise and mature decision maker. As much as product attributes, he is now benefit focused. What’s in for him is what attracts him the most.

He knows that internet time is not just the idling time. It is a time when he can have a glimpse of the entire world based on his interests. Also, an internet session makes him review the choices from a variety of sources and decide on the best possible selection.

An internet user presently is savvier about the way the companies like yours are attempting to reach them. And also he’s inundated for the kind of traditional or offline promotion.

Now, what will you do? Will you also stop promoting your business, considering the kind of monetary resources it consumes? OR will you search for an alternative marketing method?

An alternative marketing seems a better choice. So what’s that? You must be thinking. It is internet engagement.

This is a comparatively newer term in the marketing circuit that offers a new way to engage potential customers around your brand. This positive activity on the internet platform initiates inspiring conversations that result in immediate reaction, interaction or action.

Continuously, if followed for longer period of time, it builds relationships with the customers based on trust, value and commitment.

Now, you must be thinking that Social Media Platforms are the only ways with which ‘Customer Engagement’ can take place.

Well, you are partially right. But there are more ‘rights’. In this digital world, there are many internet marketing platforms with which businesses like yours can actually engage the targeted customer.

Your website is one such platform with which customer engagement can be mapped. The content, layout, user interface – all comprise and contribute to the user or visitor engagement.

The page views per session, time spent on a webpage or session length, page frequency on return visits reveal how effective your website is in meeting the user expectation or engaging him. It is all about what to measure and how to measure.

The main criteria of keeping a user engaged on a website means providing him the expected information and keeping him satisfied for nurturing and building a long term alliance.

Digital agencies like Red Berries allow the companies like you leverage the invincible benefits of internet through engagement. With the timely reviews, such website design agency recommend the updates on content or lay outing to make the website more involving and interesting.

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