Time to Hire a New PPC Agency: 5 signs

One of the best forms of advertising is pay-per-click, which offers a high return on investment and establishes a significant online presence. Typically, hiring a professional PPC agency to manage your company’s campaigns is an excellent option. But is your PPC company making every effort to increase your results and conversions?

Clients of Redberries frequently contacted us because they were dissatisfied with their previous agency. These five actions are commonly cited as indicators of poor service from their PPC agency and, eventually, as justifications for leaving. How many can you identify with?

They don’t regularly communicate

Excellent communication with your PPC agency is crucial, just as in any other partnership. You, the client, should be kept up to date on the status of your adverts and any adjustments or outcomes.

Additionally, the account manager should ask you for comments or updates on your company. A new service or another topic is frequently something you can promote in an advertisement.

Even if the performance of the ads is successful, if communication with your PPC agency is inadequate, you may lose faith in their methodology and job.

Reports aren’t being sent

A thorough monthly report on the effectiveness of your PPC advertising should be provided to you. It’s a problem if your PPC bundle doesn’t have a monthly statement. Something is wrong if it does, but you aren’t getting them.

Even though the agency may have used tools or templates to create the reports, you should feel the material is understandable, and the changes result from some strategy when you read your report.

Finally, the agency should be approachable and eager to clarify whatever you don’t understand.

They Lack Initiative

Your PPC management company should monitor the campaign and inform you if the plan isn’t working. Furthermore, they should already have a remedy in mind rather than merely telling you about the issue. Your campaign should be routinely updated, and depending on its requirements, it may need to be optimized weekly or biweekly.

Your Company Isn’t Expanding

Your PPC agency shouldn’t be used solely for running campaigns. Your marketing should aim to increase sales and expand your company. Your company will unlikely grow with a PPC strategy if your campaigns don’t prioritize return on investment.

Everything Is Low in quality

High-quality services are what you should anticipate when working with a PPC agency. They might not have adequate experience to manage your account if you see copy errors, formulaic approaches, and minimal results.

Even if the experience is not the issue, it shows a lack of care if they do not take the time to check for misspelled terms or setting problems in the campaigns and ads. Cheap PPC products should raise red flags because they are frequently the most basic and low-effort offerings.

Suppose you recognize any of the aforementioned symptoms. In that case, it may be time to reconsider your involvement in this partnership, especially if you’ve tried to voice your concerns to your PPC agency but received no response. For your money, you should receive the best services and outcomes.

PPC management is a service we provide at Redberries, and we delight our customers with the best possible care. Our packages include monthly reports, keyword, and negative keyword research, weekly or biweekly optimization, and more.