Social Media Posts for An Engaging Content

Developing new social media content ideas for multiple social media channels might be difficult to create every day.

There are many different sorts of social media posts to keep content interesting. It is, nevertheless, critical to providing them with timely, high-quality material that captures their attention and keeps them informed. As a social media agency in Dubai, we know what consumers will be interested in seeing, we plan what is to be posted next, which will increase their chances of engaging with the content—and we help to transform a potential follower into becoming a client.

So, what are the most effective social media post formats?

With this cheat sheet of 15 great content ideas for each of the major social networks, you’ll be ahead of the game. Let’s get a bit more into this. And you’ll never have to deal with another blank content calendar.


Digital videos will account for 82 percent of all web traffic. If you don’t have video content on your channels, you’re losing out on reach and engagement.

Following are some of the suggested video content:

  • Narratives are stories that are told (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Snapchat
  • IGTV
  • YouTube
  • Video on demand (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)
  • TikTok – Use it to share short videos
  • The stream contains videos (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest)

Video streams in real-time

In addition to video uploads, consider delivering live video updates to your social networks. This is one of the most effective social media post kinds. This is an excellent idea for press conferences or product launches. You may also use Facebook Live or Twitter Live to give a live presentation of your services or a sneak peek at upcoming products.

Articles and blog posts

If your company has a blog, share the material with direct links on social media feeds whenever available, this increases the reach of your communication. Blog posts covering company news, open job postings, and industry advancements, for example, are appropriated for social media distribution.

On Instagram, share a visually appealing on-brand graphic that corresponds to the topic. When publishing to the feed, refer users to a URL in the profile. Use the “Swipe up” option if  more than 10,000 followers are publishing to Stories. LinkedIn in-house articles and blog entries are a great way to show off the expertise and keep up with the company’s activity. LinkedIn’s publishing platform allows  to share these articles directly.

Investigates what happens behind the scenes.

Provide a little information to the followers who are wondering about what the company does. Furthermore,  social media channels are a great place to share photos and videos that show people something they wouldn’t otherwise see. Use social media channels to provide footage of the office or workplace activities. Provide people with a visual insight into the creative process behind the work, whether it’s photographs of event preparations or images of things being packed for transportation.

Contests and giveaways

Thank existing followers and attract new ones by conducting a contest or giveaway on social media sites. Increase engagement by posting a remark on a post or sharing a participation requirement, this will encourage  new followers as word of the contest spreads among family and friends.

Influencer-generated content

Collaborate with influencers that are a good fit for the company to provide content for social media accounts. The posts should blend in with the rest of the social media content while also giving the opportunity to reach out to new potential followers through the influencer.

Images of the products

By being inventive, new ways to display photographs of the products can be discovered online. These photos should not be similar to those found in an online store. Make sure that any product photos  shared, especially on visual platforms like Instagram, are consistent with the brand’s design. The idea is for the photos to blend in with the rest of the content while yet sticking out in the feeds of the followers.

User-generated content

If the company  has fans who utilize the goods and services to generate social media content, get in touch with them and ask if you may repost it on accounts (with credit). It’s a terrific way to widen the social media activities while thanking  important customers.

Interesting or inspiring quotations

Quote posts are a wonderful way to highlight crucial points in the articles or blog entries on social media.  Use them to share comments, advice, and insights from key employees inside the company. These postings have gone big on Instagram and Pinterest, but they might work on any site with a visual component.


Visual infographic articles may be a great way to quickly express a lot of information.

If the company has fresh sales numbers or market research to provide, for example, consider creating an infographic as well as different pieces that focus on certain facts.

Feedback from customers

Although it may appear that you only hear about things going wrong, you are more than likely to have received favorable feedback or ratings from customers. Inquire with those consumers about posting a quote from their comments on your social media channels or giving regular customers a discount in exchange for their feedback, and then share it.


On social media, engagement is crucial, and one simple way to get it is to ask the followers an open-ended question that they can’t answer with a yes or no.

Tricks and hints

If the product or service has a learning curve or if you have any insider secrets to provide, post them on social media platforms. There are a variety of approaches, ranging from live and pre-recorded video to picture-based visual teaching.

Blog posts that never go out of style

Consider re-sharing old knowledge that is still relevant or has resurfaced, sometimes known as “evergreen” content.


Event posts are self-evident in some situations, such as when planning an annual meet or a workshop. As a result, think about using Facebook event pages for more than simply physical gatherings.

If you are one of the SMEs, corporates, or have a family-run business in Dubai it is best to get in touch with a digital marketing company in Dubai to get a quick return on investment compared to having an in-house team.