Why your C-Suite must learn social media marketing in the UAE?

Well, you’ve hired a digital marketing agency in the UAE and believe that they are doing a great job in bringing quality business through leads and social media presence. And definitely, you don’t feel there’s a need for your C-suite business to build their presence on social media. This probably is the biggest social media mistake many brands in the UAE make these days.

To ordain them further, we can say that a brand’s social media presence is paramount, but you need ambassadors for the brand for amplifying the reach. These ambassadors are nothing but the stakeholders of the brand who have great potentials to become the face of the organization with their decades of experience and subject expertise.

For these reasons, many companies in the UAE are investing in special social media workshops and sessions for their C-suite professionals and employees. The aim is crystal clear – to train them to use tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Blogging for a niche professional impression, in tune with the brand’s social media ethos.

This is a next-level of digital marketing where such workshops prepare brand ambassadors who are passionate and dedicated towards the brand. As a low-cost marketing strategy, this can amplify brand’s reach on social platforms and create a powerful voice in this ‘influence economy.’

As we all know, social media plays a big influence in the mind of a target segments, writing a blog, or a LinkedIn post can impact purchasing decisions in the online and offline worlds.

These workshops also train selected staff and equip them with practical knowledge in tune with brand’s objectives and strategies. Upon utilizing this information, these brand influencers in course of time, can engage consumers with their approach. Brands, in return, can track and measure the results of these efforts.

At RedBerries, we believe that the future of marketing lies in the influence, and therefore, we train our clients to utilise this power through tried and tested tactics.

  • Key highlights of this workshop include:-
  • Blogging for Business.
  • Leverage Video Content / YouTube.
  • Social Media Training and Social News Networking.
  • Twitter Tips, Tools & Strategies.
  • Professional Networking on LinkedIn.
  • Participation in Viral Marketing on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Online Press Release.

With these parameters in place, all we can say that brand socializing can’t get better than this. This is the stepping stone for C-Suite officials to become business leaders in all fronts, including social media marketing in the UAE as well. For more details on this exciting social media workshop in Dubai, contact us.