Performing a Detailed Technical SEO Audit Before Starting an SEO Campaign

For a business to be successful, it’s a must to develop a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy which should be executed methodically and planned thoroughly.

If content and link building are the main building blocks of a content marketing campaign, the cornerstone that binds these two is SEO. This lays down the groundwork for the whole campaign. The foundation of any successful SEO campaign is to perform a detailed onsite and technical audit. It has to be done if the website has to be seen by your target audience.

Benefits of a quality technical audit include:

● Track issues that hinder online visibility
● Know your competition better and how to act accordingly
● Know the factors that affect your website’s search engine ranking
● Increase leads and conversions

Do you need a technical SEO audit?

Answer the following and we are here to help you understand if you need an audit or not:

1. What is the total number of your backlinks?
2. What is the page loading speed?
3. should the URL structure be improved?
4. Are the meta descriptions written according to the preferences of Google?
5. Are you aware of duplicate content on your website?
6. Do you have a mobile-optimized website?

If you don’t have answers to the above questions, your business needs a technical SEO audit from an industry expert.

Ensure Search Engines Can Crawl Your Pages thoroughly Your webpage visitors and the search engines do not see the pages the same way.

Hence the website needs to be structured and optimized so that it is readable by both. First things first, make your web page crawlable.

There are files such as robots.txt that inform user agents about the pages or folders you either allow or DON’T allow to be crawled.

Also, file such as sitemap.xml tells Google which are the important pages to you. This will help you to understand your site structure better.

Page Crawling ensures the following:

● Your website pages indexed by Google
● The Googlebot can easily navigate through the web pages
● You would easily identify the content which is duplicated

Set Up the Analytics-Based Programs

The objective of an SEO campaign is to boost your online visibility, drive qualified traffic to your website, make leads, and conversions for your business. Do they answer the following questions?
● What are the keywords your business should be known for?
● Is the traffic you get desirable?
● bAre your visitors converted into leads?

If you need data-driven metrics that will help as critical building blocks for your SEO campaign you should enable Google Analytics.

Importance of Content Analysis and KWRM

This technical audit phase involves:

● keyword research
● keyword mapping
● content analysis

The pages need to be targeted towards the keywords appropriately. Pay attention to meta titles, meta descriptions, URL structure, on-page content, focus keywords, and title tags.

SEO companies are leaning towards an intent-based approach wherein the user is already interested in a product and is looking for it via Google. This helps brands gain high-quality leads and increase their conversion rate.

Eradicate Duplicate Content

Duplicate content means the content in your website is present in another URL. This affects your ranking. Hence checking and eliminating duplicate content is an unavoidable part of any technical SEO audit.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile dominates the digital world. With website traffic contributed by Mobile is more than 50% it only makes Mobile optimization mandatory if not your bounce rates would increase. SEO audit ensures your website is optimized to work on all portable devices.

Learn Why Site Structure is Important

The clear and logical structure allows search engines to easily crawl through the web pages. It also boosts consumers to experience effortless navigation.
It is important to:
● Keep your paths and URLs logical, should be clean and simple
● The homepage should be linked to all the important pages
● Do not forget to add canonical tags where ever necessary

Page Load Speed

Page Load Speed, or Page Speed, refers to how much time it takes for the search engine to load the content of your webpage. Your bounce rate will be high if your webpage is taking a lot of time to load. This leads to lower rankings of your website by search engines.

Optimize the following

a. URL Structure

URL can be used to leverage keywords. It informs the search engines, also the users, of what the page is all about.
Following are some suggestions:
● Don’t use special characters
● Keep the URL structure consistent
● Avoid parameters

b. Meta Description

Meta tells the potential visitor what your page offers. You can use keywords within your meta, but don’t overdo it.

c. Image Optimization

Choosing the right format sizes, utilizing the image descriptions, as well as properly hosting the images can be beneficial to your SEO efforts.

d. Structured Data

Well-written structured data means Google or any search engine can read, process, and deploy it.

In Conclusion

Technical SEO needs to be approached and handled professionally and with great attention to detail. It is a complex process and may take time to show the results. However, in the long run, it will be worth the time and money spent on it.

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