Essential Tips to Design an Effective Nonprofit Website

Truth be told, it may be a lot of work to design and construct the website your nonprofit organization deserves. This is particularly true if your company has limited web design knowledge.

The success of your online marketing and fundraising initiatives is directly tied to the quality of your website. If your nonprofit’s website is poorly designed, your email and social media initiatives will underperform. 

Listed below are a few essential tips to keep in mind while creating a website for a nonprofit organization.

  • Start with utilizing a Content Management System for your website. 

A nonprofit Content Management System is worth looking at as you get ready to unveil your new website.

When your team decides to utilize a Content Management System (CMS) created specifically for charity organizations, the process of developing a website to promote your cause will be simpler than it has ever been.

According to the Nonprofit Tech for Good Report (2023), 58% of nonprofit organizations use as their website’s content management system (CMS), while 7% organizations use Wix, 6% use Squarespace, and the rest 5% use Drupal. This shows the growing important of a top-rated CMS for a nonprofit organization in today’s fast paced era. 

  • Provide emphasis on clear writing and CTAs, eye-catching imagery, and lots of empty space.

It’s crucial that your site’s users aren’t thrown off by its complexity. Modern website design is characterized by clear writing, precise calls to action, eye-catching pictures, and ample amount of white space.

Pop-up calls to action (CTAs) on websites are also effective in getting visitors to sign up for newsletters and make donations. 

Also, if you want your visitors to pay attention to your latest news and call-to-action buttons, make good use of white space. When designing a website, it requires a lot of experience to understand when less is more.

  • Look into and put current design ideas into practice.

Often, large national and worldwide charitable organizations are one step ahead of the game. They have the means to recruit and consult professional website design businesses and graphic designers. Continue your makeover of your nonprofit’s website by spending a few hours researching the online presences of other significant organizations with missions and initiatives comparable to your own. 

Take mental notes on what appeals to you and what doesn’t, what colors are used and how the site is navigated. Having a clear idea of what you want your new website to look like can help you express your demands to the people working on the redesign.

  • Make sure your “Donate” button, newsletter signup, and social media icons are easy to find.

At the absolute least, your “Donate” button should be included in your site’s main navigation so that it appears on every page. The button must be big and bright so that it can’t be missed.

Your newsletter signup and social networking symbols should be front and center, as these two mediums also play a significant part in online fundraising campaigns.


These 4 essential tips are just the right way to move forward while running a nonprofit organization. So, what’s the wait for? Follow these tips and your website will be up and running within no time!