How can Real Estate Industry thrive on Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the ‘new real estate broker’

the one that introduces a prospect with enormously detailed options for a house on rent/sale, within their budget and literally FREE. Prospects have also started taking this anytime house hunting quite seriously. Instead of property hopping all across the city and wasting time sitting idle in traffic, they are utilizing the digital media fairly well and exploring the vacant houses at their comfort.

Realtors and real estate retailers are also keeping a tab on these micro-moments or digital property search sessions to stay relevant among the prospects. They are employing the best digital marketing practices to bring the best house-hunting experience for the prospects.

This increase in impressions around their property and increased conversion is possible through some amazing marketing tactics and search trends. Let us take you through some of the amazing digital marketing trends that are driving Digital Marketing upfront.

Mobile is the new ‘Home’ for house hunting

Did You Know? Mobile searches related to house hunting have grown between 2011 and 2014. This means one thing for sure – buyers are using mobile search more often to find a home. Be it home buyers or leasers, they use smartphones actively to find outhouses in the city. Before visiting the property in person, they check out walk-through virtual tours / 360 ⁰ videos on YouTube. There is a reason why Views of real estate videos have increased 13% YoY.
The trend of digital micro-moments is going towards its peak where a smartphone is a constant companion during a house search. Even while visiting a location for real, the recorded sessions include tracing the directions to the house, click to call house owners, and even check out the lump-sum pricing.

But who’s searching for a home on Mobiles?

If you believe that only millennials and young buyers are only using mobile research during the home search process, then some facts should be brought to light. Among nearly all generations of home buyers, the first step taken was to look online for properties, except for buyers 71 years and older who contacted a real estate agent first.
This revelation from the National Association of Realtors has increased the window for targeting prospects for house leasing and purchasing. As per this, the target audience from the 18-70 year group follows the digital search to secure the best home deal.

Real Estate Research – Increases Consideration for Competition

Prospect-initiated digital research is an eye-opener for realtor brands. Their initial mobile-led research is opening up the options for prospects where they get to notice multiple brand options offering the house in their budgets.
Then comes the bit around the locality, infrastructure, nearest landmark attractions, proximity to office & school where the prospects can shortlist upon the choices. The reason behind these digital micro-moments is to make an informed choice prior to settling down for the final choice.
Google searches for real estate listings don’t work the way they do for an e-commerce brand. Considering the high investment, it is customary to give the prospects ample time to think before signing on the dotted area. The searchers won’t be buying / leasing the house right away.
In fact, as per a Google Consumer Survey, half of the people begin their formal home search 6–12 months in advance, with about three-quarters starting within a year of the purchase.
Based on this insight, we believe that different search patterns for realty call for a year-round strategy for lead generation and conversions. In the past, we have conducted such yearly campaigns for various realtors in UAE and abroad and successfully channelized conversions at a steady pace.

Look into the Bigger Picture for Real-Estate industry

Digital marketing works in tandem with the Realty industry in securing maximum conversions and returns on ad spend in the UAE. As mentioned, we work as digital media partners for a minimum of 1 year to ascertain the success of an internet marketing campaign. Currently, we are working with some top-notch real estate brands in the region to curate their digital micro-moments experience. These ways, we keep a tab on such moments and engage the prospect with the stages of a buyer cycle.
Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action around a brand and competing with other brands in the market make such campaigns challenging and rewarding at the same time. During these sessions, we try to gauge customers’ mindsets through data-driven insights and help the brands strengthen their visibility through creative campaigns. Our expertise lies in –

  • Logo Development and Brand Manuals
  • Website Development / UX management
  • Multi-Device Campaigns
  • Social Media Management
  • Ad Campaign Creation and Management
  • Video Content Creation – 360⁰ videos, Test Drives, Reviews
  • Launch Campaigns

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