How to Advertise on Snapchat – A Guide!

One of the fastest-growing social media platforms with more than 150 million active users watching 10 billion Snapchats every day, Snapchat finally launched an advertising program in October 2016. If millennials and Gen Z are your target market, you may want to consider this platform to reach them via advertisement. It is still not as popular as Facebook and Google advertising, but with the right knowledge of data, guides, how-tos, and other information about these ad types, you can build your brand and explore opportunities.

Today, there are about five types of adoptions available and we will start with Snapchat Advertising.

Snap Ads

First launched in 2014, these types of ads now pop up in between features on the Discover tab while a user is browsing. A Snap ad consists of an up to 10-second skippable video with the option to swipe up for access to more content (longer video, web view, app install, etc.). Snap Ads blend right in with other snaps due to their placement, most end up watching all of it without skipping.
These can be purchased from the Snapchat sales team, through advertising API, or through self-serve Ad Manager [you can now advertise at affordable prices directly from the Snapchat website].

Sponsored Geofilters

Don’t we all want to add a geofilters every time we are visiting a new place and want to share it with the viewers! Sponsored Geofilters are designed for businesses looking to insert their brand into millions of Snaps every day and are also custom-made for events and locations. When creating geofilters, you can choose from the following campaigns:

– Event-geofilters appear to users in the location of your event.
– Shared Spaces-geofilters appear to users in shared spaces such as a mall or an airport.
– National-geofilters appear to the country of your choice.
– Chain-geofilters appear to users in your brick-and-mortar store.

According to statistics by Snapchat, Sponsored Geofilter reaches 40% to 60% of users every day. Well, we aren’t surprised!


Discover features trending stories, viral topics, and event coverage – provided by major news outlets, brands, magazines like Cosmopolitan, and creative content websites like Buzzfeed. You can put out articles, stories, or videos in one place for the users to find. If viewers enjoy the content, they get the option to follow and subscribe to your brand.

Snap Lens

It is another fun way to incorporate your brand into people’s Snapchat while they are in the targeted location. A certain filter using an element that represents your brand which changes users’ appearance, voice and adds animation can be used to create engagement. These are currently the most expensive type of ads available on Snapchat.

Nationwide Sponsored Lenses

It is pretty much the same as Snap Lens but with a wider reach across the country. Using elements and products which represent your brand, you can encourage your audience to make fun content and share it with their viewers.

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