Influence – The New Social Way Of Marketing

Influence marketing is the new way to work on brand buzz (awareness and discussion) through classified content writing. It engages the user with a brand through an experiential marketing using shared technologies such as blogs, microblogs, bookmarks, social networks, communities, forums, etc.

There are hundreds of social media platforms. Which ones you use? Do you have the right social mix? Let Red Berries help you decide it.

The agency with its marketing acumen helps companies decide the right mix of social platforms for maximum product exposure among the desired customers.

Right social mix – what can it do for you?

It can change the entire scenario how customers look at your brands. It helps businesses retain their customers and provide them contentment by initiating fresh conversations and direct dialogues.

A new social way of marketing, this base involves marketers as influencers and initiates a two way interaction between businesses and customers. Here, they listen to the audience and participate in the ongoing conversations. And involve customers with an inspiring content base.

Social Media – Listen First

Conversations are effective only when brands listen to their customers. This listening activity includes the targets social hangout stops, their beliefs, behaviour and expectations from a branded relationship. This listening social streak continues where brands listen to their customers and respond them in the equally exciting way through inspiring communication.

Content – The Trigger To Social Media

Without content, all marketing efforts are vague. Content activates the social media with inspiring nuggets, engaging conversations and effective distribution. But it should be the one the audience wants. That is the key to successful content optimised for the shared world.

Influence – the New Word of Mouth Publicity

The ongoing conversations here act as a catalyst involving users to participate and share the inspiring content among their followers. This triggers the word of mouth publicity, which gives the initiated conversation a great exposure and impression.

Social Content Strategy

Social Content Strategy is easy to make but difficult to implement. Red Berries takes a thoughtful way to execute the content as per the requirement of a brand. This approach identifies the engaging writing created as per audience’s wants and desires. Next to it, the agency creates the desirable platforms and publishes the conversational content for effective customer engagement.

Red Berries – Leading Social Media Agency in UAE

With its coherent mix of social strategies, Red Berries creates shared platforms where both businesses and users participate in an engaged way possible. Not just that, the agency also helps the companies to track and measure the impact of social media campaigns and continually improve the efforts. Act now to know more about your social quotient.