Ruby on Rails for Web App Development

The greatest challenge for business owners is choosing a framework that allows flawless web app development. Ruby on Rails helps you create good and powerful web apps. Like every other framework, Ruby on rails has its own advantages and disadvantages too.

In simple words, Ruby is a programming language and Ruby on Rails is a development framework that aids web app creation. Being an end-to-end framework, RoR clubs with many features like ORM (objective relational mapping) system for business data and application management.

Advantages of RoR:
Reusability of code:

Rails is written in Ruby, but gives you a lot of reusable pieces to help you build a website or application much faster and more easily, pieces you don’t have to write yourself, and can simply configure and use for your project. Furthermore, they are pieces that have been very thoroughly tested, so they are much more robust than if you wrote them yourself.

RoR succeeds this with the help of MVC which helps reuse code and also work on parallel development.

The three parts of a software: Model, view, controller, that are decoupled – help the app developers to work on different aspects of the application at the same time. It makes app creation super-efficient.

The user makes a request to the controller and then the controller communicates with the model, where the change takes place. Further, the model rebuts the information back to the controller. The controller then takes it to the user. Reusable code and parallel developments are major time savers.

Convention over Configuration:

RoR focuses on their principle of Convention over Configuration. It simply means that RoR comes with Pre-coded features that allow the developer to either choose to adopt or ignore them.

The developers needn’t configure from scratch. The main benefit of conventions over conventions are flexibility.

Don’t repeat yourself:

The major pillar of Ruby on Rails is DRY (Don’t repeat yourself). It makes sure that the concerns are clear and the application is well maintained.

Learning ease:

The program has ease of use. Built with simple language instructions RoR helps the user understand and learn the program easily.

Technical Flexibility:

As the program had a pre-built feature in the convention over configuration the development of the app is easy to work.


The community of Rails is very supportive and open with great interaction. Being configured apps they can integrate into the application easily. With great community support developing your application with a Ruby on Rails developer will be easy.

Advantages of learning Ruby on Rails:

  • Basically, RoR is used for the speedy development of web apps
  • Based on a hiring perspective, a startup can understand that, if a developer is using RoR, they are assumed to be keeners who are interested in the development of skills and contribute to open source projects. This aspect of web app development is considered to be the personality type that is a good cultural fit for many startup companies.
  • To build a highly scalable website, the RoR developers are profoundly aware of full-stack development practices.
  • On a regular basis, the caching, worker queues, thread and process management, proxy configuration, redundancy, and monitoring are discussed.
  • One of the major reasons why it is popular amidst start-ups is that it is free and easily available for people to use.
  • As it uses “Convention over Configuration”, using the framework is usually very faster to bootstrap web applications.
  • A web application that is built with RoR is ordered in a sequential manner and also has basic divisions between the layers of models, controllers, defined routes, and bound views within the framework.

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