How to use WordPress as a Customized CMS

Although WordPress is primarily known as a blogging platform it can be used to run a non-blog website as well. One would be intrigued by the varied uses of WordPress. If you are wondering why they Call “WordPress as a CMS, it is the WordPress administrative area that turns it into a CMS or Content Management System.

The WordPress admin area provides an approach of What You See Is What You Get editor this is similar to a small version of Microsoft Word. Without knowledge of HTML, you can make anyone add and edit content by themselves. There is a “code view” for advanced users, this provides an option where you can edit HTML code in a post, page, or article.

All you need to know about the initial settings – Permalinks and Comments

If you have the right web hosting which is capable of supporting the PHP programming language and running MySQL databases then the WordPress installation process is fairly simple. There are several settings to update once the installation is complete. in the case of a website vs a blog, I wanted to remove the comment features for betterment. It’s also essential to update the Permalink structure, as well. Permalinks are also known as pretty URLs.

Using a Static Front Page

The content page is created once the main site settings are completed. A WordPress admin area provides an option to let you specify either using the latest posts or a static page as the front page of the site. Initially, most people choose the site to use a static page for the home page.

Individual Page Templates

You can indicate separate templates to be applied to individual pages, using some extra PHP files and the page template option. By this, you can achieve to get a different page template for your home page and the rest of the pages on your website. It’s important that the home page file must be titled home.php if not it will not work.

Individual Templates For Categories and Posts, Too!

While creating pages there is a readily available page template option but the same kind of template is not available while creating the posts. If you still want to achieve creating a set template for the posts, you can use PHP scripting, by using the category ID. In this way, you can keep the sidebar and header from the portfolio page along with the individual Portfolio posts.

Putting It All Together

There are some automated features of Word Press as a CMS. It has the PHP code mentioned above to automatically list the testimonials and FAQ. For example, if one adds a new post, whenever there is a new client recommendation, it’s automatically added to the sidebar and main testimonial page. This is yet another example of exactly why developers love web design and development so much.


You can code any part of WordPress to function as per your need. WordPress runs smoothly as a CMS. What makes it great is how much freedom of control you get to have. You have access to all folders and files. If you are a quick learner or know PHP, you can make a masterpiece quickly. You can also make a theme or plugin to be installed into your WordPress. Turn plugins on and off with one click, by this, you can redesign your site with a quick and simple theme. It provides a vast amount of themes and plugins that are available for download.

User Interface

The admin section of WordPress is easy to understand and modify; you can make pages, installs, posts, and updates in a super easy manner. You can rely on the WYSIWYG editor which gives you everything that is needed to post a story to your site. You can schedule it for another day or publish a post on the same day. You can establish password protection for a page or allow commenting on your site. It’s all displayed with a pleasing user interface.


WordPress has many features including a template system and a plugin architecture. WordPress permits you to build any kind of site because it’s too versatile. The advantage of WordPress as a CMS is a way to add audio, content, videos, images, audio, etc. to your site; Use plugins that will instantly give you a theme or social sharing, which will instantly give you a nice-looking site.