Mobile Advertising

Recently, one of our clients was really concerned about the Ad-blocking software that people have started installing on their Internet browsers. While the situation is not bleak as several websites have started surpassing and sidelining their blocks while others request the internet users to turn them off in order to access their requested websites. But still digital marketing often finds these tricky situations as challenging.

We sometimes fail to cope up with the wave of technological products that have captured the market in recent days starting from Smart watches to Virtual Reality headsets. But what remains common amongst these all is the presence of Smart phones and their potential of growth. It’s well-known that now internet users on mobiles have surpassed the number of internet users depending on desktops and laptops. And also, advertisement blocking on mobile devices is still not possible as against the desktop software.

The onslaught of apps & games on mobile & tablet devices has increased the domains where customers can be targeted and has also brought innovations to the advertising methods. Marketing campaigns need to keep up with these innovations in mobile advertising and redesign campaigns to be much more effective and relevant to the target customer base.

Old is NOT Gold when it comes to Digital Marketing and we at RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai understand the same. We would like to help your company make impactful Mobile advertising campaign through:

  • Careful selection of Mobile Advertising method which suits your needs
  • Targeting relevant websites and Apps for impact
  • Tracking traffic and audience behavior for better campaign planning and implementation
  • Ensuring lower costs and higher output compared to traditional methods
  • Depending on business related parameters as against just market and outreach parameters wherever possible.

Redberries FactFile: 35% of sales made worldwide in 2014 were made through Mobile devices against the 18% on computers.