How To Make The Most Of Your Customer Touchpoints In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in UAE is all about connections – with the target segments over multiple platforms. Be it engaging social media posts, successful business emails, a million-video views; all aim to connect with the customers and leave a positive impact in their minds. These points of contact are called as Customer Touchpoints and as expected, they surely bring a great marketing advantage. Marketers in the UAE can leverage these interactions between customer and company brands and use it to strengthen brand’s digital presence.

The companies with well-defined customer touchpoint strategy always stand-out among the competition. Their unique attempts to connect with the customers and understand their needs from every perspective gives brands insights to improve on their product / service. If clubbed with customer journey mapping, customer touchpoint marketing can make the most of digital marketing in the UAE.

First, let us identify the Common Customer Touchpoints in Digital Marketing UAE

On the way to be a digital economy, UAE has identified many ways to connect customers with brands. Latest technologies and concepts are redefining the customer touchpoints even more, offering digital agencies great opportunities to experiment and invent new ways to promote products and sales.

Here are several of the most common customer touchpoints:
Chat logs / Chat bots
Social media Posts / Comments
Ratings and Reviews / Testimonials
Customer service
Organic sharing / Influence
Community events
Retail/Office facilities
Website interaction
Offline / E-Catalogs
Promotions and Coupons
Point of sale / Sales / Billing
Meet and greets
Staff / Consultations
Ecommerce / Shipping and Receiving
IT support
Mobile Apps
Online help centers
Loyalty Cards
As a successful marketer, one must aim to identify ways and improve processes at every touchpoint to achieve a satisfying customer experience.

Marketing with Customer Touchpoints

Each touchpoint presents a great opportunity to experiment and enhance a customer experience. A successful digital marketing strategy takes note of identifying ideal touchpoints and works on strengthening it in every possible way. Nowadays, various digital marketing strategists are implementing their knowledge of such touchpoints and elaborating on them for a favourable customer experience. In this pursuit, they are utilising technologies to build favourable connections and secure conversions.
Remember, each touchpoint comes laced with a potent opportunity that is best utilised by the experienced digital marketing in the UAE. Their ever-growing knowledge about the digital ecosystem and their immense possibilities helps them innovate and explore the existing as well as new touchpoints for better customer experiences.

At RedBerries, we believe in the power of connections and leave no stone unturned while exploring the prospects of customer touchpoints in securing better interactions and experiences. This is our way to leverage value out of customer engagement over digital platforms.

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