Google Customer Match: 6 Ways to Maximize Your Advertising What Is Customer Matching, And How Does It Work?

Customers can be targeted using their email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses with the Customer Match function of Google Ads.

Big G works by taking the data you upload and comparing it to their database to determine any discrepancies.

If that’s the case, they’re now part of that group.

Then it’s something worth considering for your paid activities if you’re a company that’s invested a lot of time and effort into creating a customer database.


What about your data?

Never fear; Google has you covered. Any customer information you provide Google is encrypted and hashed before it is sent to Google.

Your customer lists will be fully GDPR compliant once Google has completed the matching procedure.

Note: To use customer match, new advertisers must spend at least $50,000 throughout their lifetime. This means that they must have established a presence on the platform.

Does it work on any of the following?

Now that we know what Customer Match is, where can we put it to good use? For the most part, yes. It works on every central platform that Google owns. As a result, you need to ensure that you can reach clients no matter where they are on the web.

Customer Match utilizes four different channels to accomplish its goals:

Google’s Mail Search Shows Results from YouTube

Recommendations from Our Most Satisfied Customers

What exactly is Customer Match, and how does it work?

Although it can be used in numerous ways, we use it for the following six primary tactics.

These are tried-and-true tactics that have helped our clients get the most out of their advertising budgets time and time again.

Assert Your Authority Through Case Studies And Reviews

Your website is visited by a potential customer. They take their time to learn about your product or service. You recognize your individuality and what makes you unique—knowing how good your customer service is. Remembering how well the website functions.

What are your options at this point?

They can subscribe to the newsletter if they had a good time on the website but weren’t quite ready to make a purchase.

Depending on their interests, customers may wish to learn more about your company or receive more targeted offers in their inboxes.

This is a chance to lure users with new ad language that emphasizes your well-earned customer testimonials or the case study that displays your knowledge.

In actuality, you’re making a side sale. To establish authority and address some of your new subscriber’s inquiries, you must first:

Do they have a good reputation?

Is this their first time working with someone like me?

What are the costs?

What is the scope of their offering?

What specials do they have over the holiday season?

If you answer some of these questions using your CRM and a targeted audience of your subscribers, it can help you grow your relationship with Search users and encourage them to return to your site with more purpose in mind.

Personalized ad copy increases click-through rates.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

Take, for example, a searcher who requested a pamphlet in exchange for their contact information. This person is looking, but they aren’t quite ready to make a purchase just yet.

Most likely, they visited several other websites to evaluate the differences between the services and items. As a result, they don’t show much loyalty to a particular brand. Right now.

If you use Customer Match, you might be able to customize the ad copy to include the following:

a product that complements the one they just purchased

A Christmas deal that’s only available for a limited time.

Deals that are only available today or tomorrow

If you do this, your advertising will be far more relevant than those of your competitors, utilizing stale, generic language.

Get Seasonal Buyers Back in the Game

When it comes to buying habits, some clients are chronic, while others are frugal.

Why should customers who only shop once a year choose you over a competitor?

It all boils down to knowing when those times are coming up and re-engaging before them.

Create divisions for clients that only buy once or twice a year but do so in large amounts. After that, you can upload this audience to Google, where you may present them with seasonal ad text that is more relevant to their interests.

Take Black Friday as an example; you’ll want to begin planning for it in September and let people know about it months before it happens.

Motivate Customers to Stick with You

Establishing loyalty is easier when you know your audience. You can divide your email list into groups depending on the following criteria:

The most recent clients

Past consumers that have expressed an interest in a specific product line

Customers who make repeated purchases

Customers who access products and services through an app

Identifying these target demographics and displaying relevant advertising can help turn one-time customers into regular customers or even brand advocates.

Messaging That Is Customized For A Diverse Group Of People

Increase your Google Ads‘ subscriber base by adding new Mailchimp subscribers regularly.

Ensure that existing subscribers are added to the correct Google Ads content list. Create a dynamic audience flow with constant integration. A dynamic marketing funnel is created, and new customer lists can be uploaded without delay.

So, there you have it—a couple of our favorite Customer Match strategies. Most industries might benefit from a wide range of these tools. Take a look at them, have some fun with them, and if you run into any problems or need assistance, send us a message.

Reactivate Members Who Have Fallen Off the Map

Has a consumer signed up before but has since lapsed?

Isn’t it obnoxious how you say that?

However, using search to re-engage them is an option. You can reactivate them by sending them a personalized message. Price-sensitive customers may respond better to a message that offers an incredible discount or a new service that entices them back to your organization.

With this strategy, gym memberships can be kept at a lower cost for more extended periods.

That concludes our list of best practices for Customer Match. Almost every industry might benefit from the wide range of options available. Have a look at them and have some fun with them.

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