digital display advertising

  • 90% of ad agencies and marketers believe now say online display ads are good for branding.
  • 74 percent of real-time bidding online display advertisers are willing to pay premiums for quality environments.
  • The Google Display Network serves 180 billion impressions (views) each month, equalling about 6 billion every day
  • Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords.

Display always works. Whether in a store or a mall or on a website, this tried and tested medium is an attention-grabbing way of attracting customers. As per, 90 percent of ad agencies and marketers believe that display ads work precisely to increase branding for your company. Not just them, but there are many other companies in the UAE that are waking up to the business growth potentials of Digital display advertising.

Whatever ads you come across online are display ads. Similar to billboards, the ads display versatility around a brand or a company by using text, images, flash, video, and/or audio. Different such combinations are designed in an eye-catching format to deliver the brand messages to search engines.

In fact, these ads are a popular way of result-oriented paid promotion strategy. A highly flexible way of digital advertising, display ads deliver highly targeted traffic to your website and assure great ROI at all times. For this reason, only, businesses make an average of $2 in revenue on every $1 spent on AdWords.

The display ad builder on Google features an adaptation of a creative in various sizes and dimensions. Advertisers can make their ads on this platform or upload creative designs to make engaging display ad campaigns.

The interactive display ads work in two ways, CPM and CPC. CPM or Cost Per Thousand Impressions charges a customer based on the number of impressions or times when the ads are shown. Such a promotion is regulated through bidding. The payment for this ad is done for each set of thousand ad views.

The other popular set of online display ads, CPC or Cost Per Click is the amount paid each time when a user clicks on an ad. Both forms are equally popular in the ad world. In fact, if you talk about Red Berries, our team especially focuses on ROI-based ad campaigns through display ads and remarketing campaigns.  Every passing minute is an optimum opportunity for us to drive maximum traction for our clients. And we achieve this refreshing mix through precise copywriting, interesting visuals, and effective demographic and geo-targeting.

Optimizing display ads power viable solutions for lead generation, direct sales, or event registrations at a faster pace. Our experienced team can plan and build the precise display and remarketing campaigns to generate great ROI at the lowest possible cost per click.

Our team also holds expertise in channelizing display ads campaigns to partner with our client’s quarterly or yearly business objectives. Team Red Berries knows how not to just serve the clients, but involve and facilitate clients’ success through digital campaigns.

Wish to know the customized prospects of online digital display advertising for your company in UAE! Let’s meet up for a chat and discuss the scope of remarketing and display campaigns for your company.

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