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What’s New In Terms Of Digital Innovations In Dubai?

Digital disruptions have finally arrived. More so in UAE. From drones’ delivery to IoT connected devices, the country has seen it all in terms of in terms of digital upsurge. If research reports are to be believed, 2016 is going to be Middle East’s year of digital disruption. In such exciting times, digital will never cease to amaze us. Here are some of the amazing digital discoveries ready to knock our doors in UAE.

1) Automation – This technology has caught fancy of all – be it an entrepreneur, a professional, student or a layman. All want to get hold over it to ease their life and facilitate daily function. Once in place, this technology will surely make the country smart in all walks of life and improve economies of scale. Whether it would be a success or a failure, we will have to see.

2) Robotics – In four years, i.e. 2020, people in Dubai are going to live with robots. While on the roads or in the mall, you might see Robots performing surveillance on you. One thing is for sure – implementation of robotics will definitely disrupt our life and give you a feeler of a sci-fi. But reality is, people are actually looking forward to the usage and benefits of robotic technology in their lives. Latest inventions in robotics are actually opening up the possibilities for mankind. While robo cops will improve security measures in Dubai, such bots can be of great use in healthcare, household chores and manufacturing sector.

3) Connected Cars- With intense traffic jams in peak hours, all people of UAE are waiting for is the concept of connected cars. In fact, as per a Statista 2015 report, the connected car market within the Middle East and Africa region is set to grow at a rapid pace. If estimates are to be believed, the market would be worth around $950 million by the end of 2016. It means that people can expect rescue from prolonged traffic queues with the seamless integration of mobile phones and digital media players. Not just that, vehicle to vehicle communication, automatic traffic mapping are some of the features to be expected from the digital concept of connected cars.

4) Mobile Apps – Soon, there will be the day where all you would need is an app. Trust us on this. With the app-wars heating up, mobile apps are the new disruption element these days. Marketers have understood the versatility of mobile apps as of now, and are trying to disrupt the market with their new solution for the markets. But that’s not an end of the app war. The end users are humans, so here comes the emotional approach to this digital technology. This calls for a refined Digital marketing strategy to reach the customers better and disrupt the market before the brand in question gets disrupted. This is the main reason why choosing a digital agency for mobile app marketing is a task these days.

The digital agencies in Dubai are also in the reinventing phase, where they are trying to fit-in like a glove to all the digital disruptions in the region. But the success rate is always in question. In the quest to be the best in digital business, most social media agencies in Dubai are missing out the HUMAN element in their communication. This is where we are different.
We at Red Berries Digital don’t just have digital in our name, but our entire approach is based on how to function amid such digital innovations. This is our way to sail through ‘disruptions in the digital agency.’ What about you? How are you trying to keep up with the digital innovations? Are you excited about the increasing role of digital in our lives? Share your thoughts in the comments below.