A/B Testing – The End or The Beginning?

Is advertising a guess and win game where designers, copywriters, and creative directors assume a desired connection with the audience?

Well, No! Long gone are the days when a lot of guesswork and assumptions defined an advertisement, a website layout, a mobile application interface, or even a social media post. With lots of moolah involved in digital marketing spends, major ad agencies in the UAE are now relying on A/B testing. Be it achieving desired marketing reach, connecting with the audience or gaining RoI, A/B testing is the go-to-process these days. Today, let us explore the nitty-gritty of A/B testing or Split Testing and find out how this process adds precision to the digital marketing initiatives.

What is A/B Testing?

Let us elaborate the procedure in the simplest possible way. Creative A v/s B, pitted against each other, which one will win or click with the target audience? Colours, theme, design aesthetics, navigation, grid-based patterns, copy that connects and user experience… Phew! So many elements with different permutation combinations, to find the best one out, digital agencies opt for A/B testing.

In simple words, the process is a way to compare two versions of a foresaid creative, typically by testing a target segment’s response to variant A against variant B. Based on it, we determine which of the two is better and more effective.

This is regarded as a popular method to test creative ideas with your audience to understand them and their needs in a better way. The process is on-going or going on at all times, therefore your site is constantly improving and you are also getting a closer understanding of your audience.

The process is a boon for digital marketing campaigns, and helps brands and agencies determine which website interface works with the audience seamlessly.

Is it a template-based process or involves creativity?

What if we say the successful A/B testing initiative involves both of them? While the creative aspect helps clear out any distractions and presents accurate message; grid-based templates enable fluid navigation and a positive visitor experience.

A balance of both increases the chances of improving conversion rates, much to the delight of marketers. And customers too are happy for a seamless browsing experience. Isn’t that a win-win for all the stakeholders? Well, yes! Seems that you all are excited! Now, what’s next! Let’s find out the reliable platforms where we can do A/B Testing for websites and landing pages.

The best A/B Testing tools for websites and landing pages

Optimizely is one of the best, and more recognised A/B testing platform across the globe, taking lead in the industry with an approximate 37% share of the market for web optimisation tools. Google Website Optimizer or Google Optimize is another tool that offers many features like website design and content placement (which can easily be experimented with) for free. The tool offers advanced targeting options and native integrations with the Google stack. This means discrepancy in data reporting is bought down to zero. Another advantage that comes with Google is unlike Optimizely it offers an indefinite free trial period with similar functions and features. The standard functionality is very similar with the availability of the functions like A/B testing, Visual editor, Targeting and Advanced reporting.

It also integrates A/B Testing functionality with the Google Analytics 360 Suite, making Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, AdWords and the other features of Google’s interface available to you. So, if you are running a PPC campaign or want to track conversion and compare between two of the landing pages, then Google Optimize is your go-to space.


Upon knowing the process, we can surely say that A/B Testing is a beginning to more transparent, accurate and seamless approach in the creation of digital marketing assets. It fits the digital strategy goals like a glove and allows brands to make the most of their budgets. So, have you resorted to testing your website to see how user–friendly it is? If not, then connect with our Digital Ninjas and find out the best potion for refreshing brand presence.

Do we offer other digital and internet marketing services?

Yes! We offer a wide range of internet marketing services to assist you with cross-channel integrations.