Website Development Companies in Dubai has one thing common!

They all consider website as a beginning and end in itself. But not with Redberries, the leading website development agency in Dubai. We consider a website as a beginning of all good things for your business. Your website can be the biggest single contributor for your brand image and sustenance of your business. It is a window of opportunities, all you need to do is to look for the opportunities and harness them to your favor. Website for your business is no more a luxury, it’s the most essential tool and integral part of your business. 

Redberries is a ISO Certified, Google Partner company with more than 8 years of experience in website design and development.

Let’s show you what really matters in Website Development and how we differ from the rest of website development companies in Dubai.

Clean Coded Websites

Redberries develop websites with clean code. Well commented, organised and tested across platforms. The benefit you get is a developer independent, non-breaking website.

Having a clean code is crucial for a website. It improves the performance of the website, loads faster which in turn contributes to better visibility on search engines like Google. Moreover, a clean structured, well commented coding helps future development of the website. Comments help other developers to understand the reason of presence of a specific code and what it does for the website. 

A clean coded website will be developer independent. This means you are not bound with a developer, like us, through the entire life cycle of your website. 

It’s not a usual practice among website designers to structure or comment the codes. This is because it takes extra bit of time and effort and web developers being in a never ending hurry, sanitation of codes is conveniently set aside. 

Redberries’ website development team is trained to do clean coding. The norms and standards we follow are as per international guidelines and good practices set by bodies like World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). 

When you plan to develop a website for you or your company, think ahead. This is going to be a long term investment that can play a key role in your business. 

Trust Redberries, we can do the website that will bring results for you!

Single Dashboard to manage your website

Getting lost between domain, hosting, e-mail, analytics and many other aspects of website is a very common issue. Access everything through a single dashboard. Setup expiry dates, vendor details in one place, securely. 

Getting a website done is one easier part of all the game. Having it maintained a nightmare! If you already have a website, you might agree that managing domain, hosting, e-mail, analytics, maps and many other aspects related to a website is a real pain. It’s not an everyday hassle, but when it happens, it’s the toughest one to handle. 

As laymen, we do not know the difference between domain, hosting, or mail exchange servers. All we need to know is that the website has to be up all the time, the mails have to be delivered promptly. 

As experts in web development, we have seen many of our clients having hard time managing the technical aspects of website. Most of the time, the web developing agency hold the rights of domain and hosting accounts. This places you, as the real owner of the website, at big risk. Most of the web development agencies in Dubai recommend their own servers, which could be a third party affiliated server with no reputation or uptime guarantee. Remember, for an average website, the cost of domain and hosting is marginal in comparison to the overall cost of website development. You should never compromise on this.

Redberries offer a truly transparent model for managing all aspects of your website from a single dashboard. You don’t have to be bound with us for renewals or service contracts. You can take care of them direct from the dashboard provided. 

With our dashboard access, you will appreciate how a simple thing can be a life saver at times!

Not just adaptive, specifically mobile!

Forget about adaptive websites. Make highly specific mobile websites. Show what’s most important to mobile users.

Every other website developer in Dubai you meet might commit mobile adaptive website design. This is a most common coding feature, thanks to the grid system that evolved over time. An adaptive website is nothing but the grids stack one by one based on the screen size. So, based on what device you are accessing the website, it adapts to the screen size. Is it a great feature to harp on? Yes, it is.

A staggering percentage (30% – 60% based on industry segments) of website traffic is coming through mobile devices. And the numbers are on an increasing mood. If your website is not mobile ready, that could be blow to your business. Moreover, search engines like Google weight mobile ready websites higher for their search rankings. 

Hold on, we are not talking about mobile adaptive websites. Redberries is a few steps further than the rest of website development agencies in town!

We offer a highly specific mobile device experience for the websites we develop. The websites can function more like an app than a regular website. Reason? The user expectations and behaviour on mobile is completely different than on a desktop. Along with industry research inputs and our own user navigation pattern analysis, the mobile device interfaces we develop can help your website in many ways.

So, do go for adaptive – go for specific!

Hook to mailing lists / CRMs

Not just harvesting prospects re-use and nurture them through mailing list mangers. Forget conventional ways of mailing. Use safe and secure mass mailing for better deliverability. Protect your domain reputation and e-mail security.

Someone visiting your website is a great deal. They are on your website for a solid reason – to be your customer. The data they leave behind in the form of digital foot print, e-mail, comment or chat requests are invaluable to your business. If you forget to value and nurture them, it’s a great lose to your business. 

The Customer Relation Management modules (CRMs) and Mailing List managers are great tools that can make wonders to your business when rightly used. They help you to nurture and re-engage your prospects and customers. You can create awareness, demand and conversions via continuous, relevant communication.  You will be able to create the trust factor to convert a prospect to customer and then strategise the communication to cross sell or up sell.

Redberries can help you to hook website visitor data to CRMs as well as Mailing List Managers. This will greatly help you to manage the leads from one place and to effectively communicate with your prospects as well as customers.

Remember, when you develop website with Redberries, you have more reasons to be successful with your business! 

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