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We at Redberries Digital Marketing, Qatar will help you to achieve your desired success.


Paid search advertising

Paid search marketing is advertising within the sponsored listings of a search engine or a partner site by paying each time your ad is clicked i.e. pay-per-click – PPC or less commonly, when your ad is displayed i.e. cost-per-impression – CPM. It can be a cost-effective method to drive website traffic and generate leads and I offer a comprehensive PPC management service by ensuring relevant adverts and targeting the right audience which will get you best ROI possible.

Mobile advertising

With the massive increase in smartphone usage and in-app advertising, all highest paying mobile ad networks are focused on mobile as the fastest growing digital advertising sector. In order to make most of it, I touch upon all the major business models i.e. CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA and CPV suggesting the ad format and the network best suited to your brand. Once the ads have been implemented, it is constantly monitored and the reports are timely shared with my clients.

Mobile search advertising

PPC Superhero is here to the rescue!. Without wasting a large quantity of spend and missed conversions, I provide you with the solution to better optimize the mobile search campaign by taking care of details like ensuring a better landing page experience, device-specific ad copies to gauge attention and keen focus on driving calls.

Display advertising

Google AdWords is by far the largest PPC platform available and I deliver Adwords services that impact your bottom lime. My core focus is on building campaigns and strategies that drive quality leads at a lower cost. And because I firmly believe in transparency, you will receive detailed reporting in real time. My Google Adwords management offering works for businesses of all sizes. With the experience in managing large budget and high performing Google Adwords accounts, be sure that you’ll be in good hands.


Whether you already have a Google AdWords account that needs to get back on track or want to start from scratch, I have the expertise required to know your potential customer and stay on their radar. Retargeting is a powerful branding and conversion optimization tool, but it works best if it’s part of a larger digital strategy and that’s what I am here to provide you with.

Yahoo! Bing PPC

Online advertisement has become hyper-competitive and if you’re looking for a cheaper or user-friendly network, I’d point you to the Yahoo! Bing network. Yahoo and Bing together hope to achieve a better ROI against Google and I am here to help with the rest.
PPC advertising requires full attention and my team and I closely monitor the progress of your campaign. I am analytical and nerdy like that!


The clients who already have an Adwords account, I conduct an audit and provide insights to it. With the existing ones, I conduct regular account audits to make sure that best practice is being applied. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Conversion are being tracked, target setting are reviewed, keyword match type settings are checked, and once the rest of the groundwork has been done, I present you with the game plan.