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The key criteria for responsive web development is to ensure that any content can be displayed on any device, regardless of the device width, pixel density and other specifications.


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Content should be adaptable and respond to the behavior and environment that is presented within. Responsive web design allows us to build sites that provide your users with an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices.

The mockup stage help us in determining the final look and feel of the brand in creation. Through customized designing, we create the most invigorating functionalities for the website design. The digital era is quite dynamic and updates in the online world happen quite frequently which means we need to adapt to it. Websites help to showcase your client’s offerings on the public domain to the entire world. But the problem is to keep your client’s website responsive on different operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows etc. for different devices such as mobile, tablets and desktops.
So what’s the solution to keep your client’s website responsive on ltiple operating systems and different devices? Realistically, it’s nearly impossible to develop and design a 100% responsive website for all the devices available out in the market.

But we at Red Berries have experienced personnel who can standardize your client’s website across various devices using their experience and knowledge to ensure it is responsive on various operating systems. We constantly invest in training and educating our staff members to keep our teams updated about latest technological trends and to follow the best industry practices to deliver the desired result for your clients.

The most important factor to consider while developing a responsive website is to ensure that the content is appropriately placed and displayed, irrespective of its specification like orientation, pixelation, width etc.

What can help your client to achieve a responsive website design?

Mobile First

We prioritize mobile designs first while developing a responsive website. Usually, websites are first designed for desktops and then for mobile’s resolution. This could cause a delay as designing a website for mobile is a time-consuming process. If websites are designed by keeping the mobile version as a priority, developing a desktop version of a website is much easier, as changes from mobile to the desktop are quite less.

User Experience

User journey is crucial and should be factored in while developing a responsive website. We at Red Berries have the experience and ability to understand how will a user browse through the website, how to keep them engaged on the website and what will make them take an action on the website on different devices such as mobile, desktops and tablets. Understanding user journey helps your clients meet their objectives.

Thinking Beyond

By writing lean code & having adaptive website layouts, we ensure to create responsive websites which are compatible with upcoming future trends in web technology. The digital era is quite dynamic in nature and we need to be prepared for foreseen updates in coming times.
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