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We provide a wide range of web hosting services which are most suited for your clients.


Web Hosting Services Qatar

We at Red Berries, create hosting gateways made by experienced web developers who collaborate with specialized hosting engineers. We ensure to keep our team updated with technological trends as the web hosting industry is dynamic in nature.

Since we offer security and zero downtime to our clients, they rely on us for their hosting services.

We offer tailor-made web hosting solutions to your clients which can fulfill all their desired requirements. We will always keep an offsite backup of your client's website content in case of any unforeseen situations.

Why choose Red Berries for your client’s web hosting services?

Latest Technology

We provide your clients with the latest web hosting servers to host their websites. We consider the amount of web traffic it might gain from different user locations. We also factor in the fibre connectivity while hosting your client's websites. In case of a technical glitch, we realign your client's website from a virtual server to other alternatives, automatically. The alignment is done quickly and hence no downtime is required.

Dedicated Hosting

Your clients receive dedicated hosting servers which makes their website run smoothly. Engineers and maintenance staff members could spend more than 24 hours on rectifying hosting issues which lead to delays in the website being displayed to users. We at Red Berries, have an open and transparent communication channel with you and your clients if any such issues occur.


We never compromise on web hosting security. We ensure to consider shared servers as a threat and offer a secure hosting network to your clients. SSL certificates are provided to your client’s websites which lock its details on our servers.

Cloud Services

We provide hosting solutions from various platforms such as Google Cloud, WordPress, Amazon Web Services and so on as we understand your client’s requirements are unique. We provide you with the best suitable option for your clients in order to align it with their needs.

Customer Service

We are available anytime your clients require our help to solve issues related to web hosting. Not only do we solve the problem at hand, but we also make sure that it does not recur again in the future. Our customer service team tests the issues once they are solved and takes crucial steps so that the problem does not occur again.