Google Confirms Ending Sidebar Ad Placements in Google Adwords

Google has always been the game-changer. Be it Google adwords or beefing-up the search engine with countless search results, the brand has always eyed on innovative user experience. Taking a cue from current trend of user-friendly experience while searching, Google has now confirmed to end sidebar ad placements. This will give Google enough space to experiment with its timeless page layout and interface.

As a result of this change, users will not be able to see sponsored Google Text Ads on the right side of search result page.

Currently, a user browsing on a desktop / laptop witnesses four paid ad-word campaigns and ads on sidebar.

Any exceptions to the rule

Two exceptions overrule Google’s ‘no ads on the right sidebar’ idea – Product Listing Ads (PLA) and knowledge graph advertisements. So, if you see Google Shopping Results featuring a product and its image on a search, consider it as a deliberate effort to screen advertisements.

What will change more – Mobile and desktop results?

Ending sidebar ad placements will bring a noticeable shift to the users browsing on Google from a desktop or a laptop. The mobile version of search results will remain unaffected as the search results already lack sidebar strip of advertising.
To compensate for the smaller advert real estate on each search result page, Google will also display three AdWords text adverts at the bottom of each page.

What Google has to say on ending sidebar ads?

The change in advertising placements is an attempt to redefine user experience. As per Google, this new change in layout is intended to make the results more relevant for users, and encourage a stronger performance for advertisers.

Impact on Advertisers

Confirmation from Google has left internet marketing business and paid search industry abuzz with speculations on how it would affect their business model. Limiting sidebar ads would redefine the way Google is monetizing its business. Due to this, four adverts will show during a search and give visibility to
highly commercial search queries. For advertisers, this will definitely result in fewer ad placement opportunities and greater competition for the top slots. More competition means more money outflow to leverage the benefits of Google Adwords.

Impact on Organic Search with the latest Google Adword update

While AdWords campaigns have no impact on SEO performance, the change in ad placement could affect SEO as well. With more space on the top of the page occupied for ads, the organic results will naturally be pushed down the page, meaning it will be even more important to secure those top organic listing spots.

Sidebar Ad End – Red Berries View

What do you think? Will this step redefine monetized Google ad word campaigns in Dubai market? Or will it increase the burden through high advertising costs and affect the campaign performance? Do spare a minute to share your views.