Benefits of Developing a BLE Based App

The newest player in the market is the BLE Technology or the classic Bluetooth has been generating impressive revenue as mentioned by a mobile app development company in Dubai. Observations by mobile app development Dubai companies have exhorted the various benefits of this fast technology. As a fact, mobile application development Dubai has noticed that BLE has connectivity with various devices over an encrypted connection to trade information. Multiple protocols available define the standards of data exchange and govern app development company in Dubai.

The best mobile app development company in Dubai employs the two most popular protocols like the Eddystone, by Google and iBeacon by Apple. The execution of these allows BLE, Android, or iOS apps to scan beacon signals in proximity and broadcast the relevant content and information to the respective apps. Mobile application development Dubai is eager to get on board with this dissemination process.

The applicability and scope of these have found their place in the retail marketers through which they notify their customers with the latest offers and promotions. Just when the device is in range, the BLE Technology activates. This method also has the ambit for personalization of ads and services which acts as a considerable magnet for more users through push notifications and their high rate of conversions.

Under the tutelage of technology behemoths like Apple and Google, the users see information through BLE to be more protected and reliable.

Huge Native Ecosystem

Bluetooth has been in usage since the advent of mobile utilization. They have been found in almost every device connected to this system. Bluetooth Light Energy has been a recent development and is now integrated into a multitude of other devices like smartphones, tabs, computers, etc. With the fluid ecosystem already in place, the only part left is to harness it via BLE apps.

Marketing Solutions

Retailers and business houses have profited significantly with BLE apps. The presence of any nearby device makes the promotional offer hit the user’s mobile devices right away. The notifications are easily configurable to tune into the preferences of the users. Since the target audience gets qualified, the click-through rate grows manifold, resulting in much higher conversion rates.

The beacon devices use the geo-spatial location of the user in the store and pull in more information from previous shopping history, targeting them for offers that they are most likely to be interested in.

Better Communication and Less Energy

The technology thrives upon sensors and with wireless fidelity or any other wireless network, data exchange can take place, including location and cookie data. The gargantuan network of bi-directional communication is smoothly integrated into other cellular gateways.

Business Automation

Businesses often suffer due to a lack of bridges that act as conveyors of information and leads to manual reading and data entry. BLE Tech has impacted these businesses massively by facilitating business automation.

Power Saving

The functional blocks of beacons and sensors are governed by protocols by Google and Apple. At the advent of long-term deployment, the sensors are tuned to operate at specified time durations to use minimal power. With such low power consumption metrics, their operational capacity is heightened noticeably.