Rich Media and Video

Video Production That Increases Conversion Rate
“We have been spending tons of money on ads but we are not getting the response we should.”
“I think I have done everything to draw the customer’s attention. Still I am not getting as many numbers as I expected.”
“How can I engage my customers more than I already do?”
“What can I get the customers to spend more time on my website and get enticed to buy more products?”

When clients come to us with these problems, we simply smile and give them solutions that ensure their smiles too.

The solution to all the above-mentioned client problems lies in one word – “Engage”.

Lack of engagement leads to disinterest. Disinterest leads to unsatisfied user experience. And unsatisfied user experience leads to fewer sales.

If you are able to engage the customers, higher sales are a given outcome.

So, what should you do to engage the customers more?

The answer lies in Rich media and Video. Rich media uses various kinds of digital media platforms that are interactive and provides improved user experience. With this enhanced experience, it creates a bigger impact on the users. The conversion rate of the rich media and video ad viewers is higher than those who view other normal ads.

To get an edge over your competitors, Rich media and video ads are a necessity for you.

And how do we help you in achieving this?

  • We help you to increase the brand awareness of your product or service with rich media and video ads.
  • Since rich media ads have a higher viewing compared to other online ads, we help you in making them more interactive so that the prospective customer stays on your site for a longer period of time, thereby ensuring more traffic and higher prospects for sales. The better the customer has the experience, the more the chances for sales.
  • Our compelling rich media and video content creates new opportunities which can be targeted to people from different age groups.
  • We optimize the video files without compromising on the quality of the video.
  • Our rich media and video experiences remain consistent for the users across all platforms.

Redberries FactFile:

In 2016, 55% of internet traffic across the globe will consist of online videos.