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Creating personas started in mid 90s. It was picked up by several companies but was considered as an activity that distracted people from the actual work.
Yet it is of so much importance in mass marketing activities.


A persona is a fictitious representative of a sectional part of real people in the society. It breaks down the task of taking thousands of individuals into consideration and building the product around the similarities of these thousands of people in a few fictional characters. It is an essential part in knowing the users and eases the process of marketing to masses. Personas motivate and help take designing to another level of clarity, productivity and satisfying results. Basing your personas on ethnographic research helps in gaining a better notion of who your users are and what they actually want. Building your personas purely on one’s imagination will lead in typical stereotyping of the users and will prove to be inefficient and will lack comprehending who the users are.

Personas in Digital Marketing

Conducting an ethnographic research can take place in the following steps:

  • Recognize your users
  • Prepare a questionnaire
  • Conduct a survey
  • Analyse the results
  • Understand your users and create personas

Once you connect with your users, you can provide them with what they want in a way they prefer. This makes it easier to get traffic and popularize your product amongst the necessary audience.

Following this requirement eats away your time hence here we are at RedBerries, ready to assist you in every way possible so that your website could reach its true potential without any obstructions.

Redberries FactFile:

Based on a scientific experiment conducted by Long Frank, three groups of students were assigned to solve a design brief, two groups used personas while one group did not. The students who used personas were awarded higher course evaluations and were assessed as having produced designs with better usability attributes.

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