Accessibility Services in Dubai, UAE

Countries like Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Japan, Israel, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom, etc. have taken an initiative to support Web accessibility. The equal access to web content has gained significant importance since 90s. The graveness of creating a user interface that is accessible to all shouldn’t be taken lightly and also shouldn’t be treated like a chore. It helps both the parties and benefits both of them.


Accessibility is your website’s ability to be accessible to users with special needs. You remove obstacles when you opt for accessibility, you obtain long-time loyalty from users, and the SEO of your website boosts up. It helps you reach out across the globe to whoever wants what you have.

Website Accessibility

Redberries can successfully build the accessibility of your website in various ways, like:

  • Build your strategies around your content’s ability to be of equal access.
  • Your content management strategy should support web accessibility.
  • It should address those with visual, motor, auditory and cognitive impairment.
  • Go through several tests to ensure that your content meets all the standards of accessibility.

For all the aspects from designing to guaranteeing applicable and working SEO strategies, RedBerries is the digital marketing company you can rely on.

Following are the few aspects that need to be taken into consideration for effective content strategy and RedBerries is more than willing to help you with achieving content that is:

  • Readable
  • Understandable
  • Findable
  • Actionable
  • Shareable in all of its various forms

Redberries fact file:

An estimated 90% of all websites are not accessible to people with disabilities despite the fact that 15% to 20% of US web users have disabilities. That’s an average of 55 million people who could be missing out on your content due to accessibility issues, alone in the US itself! Imagine the condition around the globe.

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