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With hundreds of satisfied customers on its list, RedBerries is the best provider of SEO services in KSA and in the KSA. We have a proven track record of working on SEO in KSA with a range of clients from a plethora of industries. As one of the top seo companies in KSA, we take our work seriously and we make sure to use only trustworthy methods to rank your website, no matter what industry you are in.


What is SEO?

Over the course of two decades, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has seen way more advancement than we could have previously imagined. Be it algorithm updates or syncing with multiple devices and monitoring traffic, the concept of monitoring search engines is transforming every single day. In a scenario where cellphones are the most common starting point for those searching for something online, it’s undeniable that SEO has a lot to contribute to a company’s overall ROI. Hey, if you’re curious and want to know how to optimize your website for search engines, feel free to check out this link.

What We Can Do

  • Search Engine Optimisation Audit

    Examining the strengths and weaknesses of your current website along with suggesting potential opportunities on search engines.

  • Content Marketing

    Reach out to your customers and prospects through consistent and valuable information to influence decisions

  • Keyword Research

    Keywords play a major role in the process of matching your website content to what your targeted audience is browsing for

website designs for mobile devices

  • SEO for Charity Organisations

    Expand the reach of your causes by getting discovered by the right people

  • E-Commerce Optimisation

    It might appear to be easy but it isn’t. Increase traffic to the site by careful consideration of usage of broad keywords, specification of products you offer and much more.

  • SEO Packages

    We have the local market knowledge to understand how SEO works and hence we can rank your website higher from the keywords you want to rank us for. We have a proven track record of working on SEO in KSA with a range of clients from a plethora of industries

How SEO works?

SEO is neither a science nor an art – it is a mix of strategic tactics bunched together in a bid to ensure higher rankings across multiple platforms. The tried and tested strategies that have been developed over the course of two decades are now redefining the way digital marketing agencies in the KSA and SEO companies in KSA are working. Not just this, these tactics also greatly boost a website’s presence and generate ROI as well, making it a win-win for all stakeholders.

But how SEO brings ROI to a business?

This is a good question! But before answering that, let us set up a quick, super realistic scenario for you. Have you ever thought about how SEO is very much like a stock market? No? Now is the time. Think of SEO like a stock market and compare the two. Both are long-term investments. You cannot expect your stocks to immediately bring in monetary growth. Similarly, SEO also needs a lot of nurturing and thought to make it work wonders for a business. You’re right: a calm, steady approach and clever thinking triumph in this race over everything else.

If you choose your stocks i.e. your keywords wisely with the knowledge you have at hand, you are bound to experience growth. Depending on how you play your cards, you’ll see a boost or fluctuations in your ranking. Patience and commitment are two crucial things that can help you sail through the ups and downs of rankings and the fluctuations in algorithms. And this is how we can channelize ROI to a business and impact its growth significantly. The forward-thinking mentality that is often used in the world of stock markets paves the way to wisdom in the SEO industry as well. As a top SEO agency in KSA, we’re committed to this thought process through and through.

And if you’re wondering what makes SEO work and sync with the growing needs of marketers all around the globe, here’s a handy guide for you.

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Online Lead Generation with Search Engine Optimisation: What they didn’t tell you!

Did an SEO Company in KSA promise you x-number of online leads with SEO?

Many people equate SEO with online businesses. They invest in SEO, hoping for surplus income and business growth. It’s true that it performs and expands opportunities for a business. But that does not mean that optimization strategies help businesses increase the inflow of funds immediately. Or to be more precise, it may or may not help quickly generate more original queries or business leads.

Practically speaking, when you’re thinking of SEO in KSA markets, it’s a standard practice for businesses that are thinking of investing on a long-term basis in their online marketing strategies to ask for a certain number of leads per week or month to gauge the ROI on every dirham spent. Many equate the success of optimization with just income inflow. Rarely do they know that this is not a wise approach for such a marketing strategy.

Generally, it is perceived that SEO can bring in loads of queries. So many queries that the results can escalate revenues and help write a company’s success story. However, if this isn’t handled well, businessmen can find themselves making false assumptions and rushing to get into the business of SEO without truly grasping its basics.

SEO is basically optimising your website to serve search engine queries in a better manner. Upon every initiated keyword search, SEO performs its part of presenting a particular search result to serve the visitor’s needs in an efficient manner.

The web traffic defines the usability of a specific keyword. But often, the search results may not influence a visitor to make a final purchase OR post in a query OR generate leads. In that sense, should we ask whether SEO is an obsolete process for it is not bringing in the desired number of queries or generating business? Or does it have a greater purpose and is an effective long-term strategy that has a plethora of benefits?

Red Berries Digital as a responsible SEO company in KSA is helping businesses identify the real purpose of SEO. We do not call ourselves Riyad, KSA SEO experts carelessly. We realize that with great power, comes great responsibility and aren’t afraid to own it.

Keeping that in mind, as a digital agency, we’re determined and are busting myths prevalent in the online industry. As a part of this initiative, the agency is not making tall claims that SEO can bring loads of queries. There is no magic here and no sorcery associated with optimization that can help businesses achieve their objectives. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

“SEO can’t bring loads of queries. But it can definitely strengthen the prospects of dealing and serving the queries.”

As a marketing tool, SEO basically goes deep into the webpages and strengthens them through original and engaging content to involve the visitor and assert command over the niche. In short, it just prepares the website to respond to searches and bring in value to the visitor who’s searching for keywords that are relevant to them.

It is just like any other marketing area like advertising on print or radio. Just that the medium is the internet and search engines become our playground. Just like one furnishes an organization with branding, logo, catalogues, and more, SEO is a tool that can help a business become stronger as a whole.

So, today, Red Berries Digital has busted another myth of SEO regarding continuous lead generation. Remember this: SEO can never assure the continuous inflow of a set number of search queries. But it can definitely help your business build a favourable representation over web platforms and satisfy a user completely. This, in turn, helps adds value to the visitor and also influences search queries.

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Who should work on your SEO? Should it be an SEO Company in KSA or your IT Team?

Tips for hiring the right SEO Company in KSA

SEO is perceived as something technical. An in-house IT team members are perceived to be the experts in technical computing. This technical know-how makes most companies assume that their IT team can handle SEO roles with great ease. This is one prominent reason why many business organizations in KSA appoint IT teams to perform continuous online and search optimization instead of SEO companies in KSA. But delegating this important web promotion strategy to an in-house IT team has its share of ups and downs.

The IT team, in a nutshell, can take a lot of things and is adept in many technical areas. But that does not qualify them as professionals to deal with the dynamic SEO Riyad, KSA markets. Such heavy online-dependent markets require great concentration and a streamlined method for carrying out this important optimization function.

It cannot be denied that a part of search engine optimization requires technical expertise, like making a website crawlable, setting up redirects, coding, and more. However, the special online promotion function requires a lot more in terms of marketing, promotion, and content building.

All these strategies need to be tackled creatively to come up with the perfect SEO strategy that can help meet a particular organization’s needs. Appointing an in-house IT team for SEO can be a bit messy and doesn’t do much for a company in the sense that it does not help the business gain the maximum benefits. It’s easy to forget that this is a continuous exercise.

If compared with the work strategies of SEO companies, the IT departments lack optimism and foresight. They just follow orders and are not skilled online marketers. They require outsourcing for everything, including content creation which can be a hassle to manage.

On the other hand, the best Seo Company in KSA and SEO consultants are fully equipped to take care of web optimization. Facilitated with the strengths of digital marketers including account managers, SEO content writers, and marketing professions, such an agency is highly specialized in its services. They work as per a defined strategy to strengthen a website and facilitate its functioning constructively.

See how SEO Companies in KSA spread Myths!

See how SEO Companies in KSA spread the Myths!
The moment you start investing in SEO and appoint an SEO company in KSA, you may imagine or hope that there would be an influx of information and that your company inboxes may end up addressing hundreds of new queries. Or maybe, you’d end up with a lot of conversions of queries into new clientele.

Well, that surely happens. But don’t forget the golden rule. All you need is to give it time. Trust the process.

Time is surely a stabilizing factor for a successful SEO strategy. It takes time for desirable business keywords to rank up on the search engines. Such keywords are helpful in increasing exposure to the website and are beneficial in the long run.

Stories are everywhere in a dynamic SEO market like Riyad, KSA. People get enthusiastic before investing in their marketing budgets and expect a quick surge in income. And when that doesn’t happen over the next few months, their enthusiasm fails and they get disillusioned.

Moreover, they cannot help but feel dissatisfied with the low query levels and returns on investment. And sometimes, the worst impulsive step they take is to fire the digital agency and return to their comfort zone: old-school marketing strategies.

As a leading SEO Company in KSA, Red Berries has taken on the initiative of addressing assumptions related to online marketing. Optimizing websites for searches might feel like a bitter investment initially but will prove to be an elixir for the future of a company. The techniques of SEO can help any business strengthen its online brand presence and make a solid impact. It even makes a brand far more visible upon any initiated search.

So here we are, busting the first and the most essential myth that SEO brings in immediate money. It does not. But we are confident that it prepares a business to rise above its competitors in a better and more sustainable manner.

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Your SEO Expert Agency in KSA

Red Berries is a Search Engine Optimization SEO Agency in KSA that can help your business to grow its visibility through ranking your website on top pages of search engine platforms such as Google, Bing, and more. Our team of SEO specialists in KSA can help you optimize your website for search engine platforms and help it rank on top in the KSA and worldwide. To provide the best SEO services in KSA for your website, we work with your team closely and make them participate in the whole search process from the initial stages. Our team of SEO experts in KSA conducts in-depth research about your company, its customers, and competitors. We aim to have a better understanding of the entire industry and use that data to tailor-make & provide you the best SEO services in KSA. We are digital ninjas and proud of it! We have the local market knowledge to understand how SEO works and hence we can rank your website higher from the keywords you want to rank us for. For us, it’s crucial to be completely transparent about our work.

We are the Best SEO company in KSA and have a solid understanding of the industry and market which is the foundation of a truly successful SEO strategy. It’s not a one-time wonder, but a regularly channelised process where research on the appropriate keywords based on competitiveness brings in the potential for conversions. As SEO experts in KSA, we follow best industry practices to ensure that we meet all the search engine guidelines during the optimization process of your website and do not use any unethical means to rank your website higher on search engine platforms.

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