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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is one of the most effective ways of advertising as you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. This maximizes your ROI and keeps the cost spent on it minimal. Claimed and recommended by 80% of eminent marketing professionals that Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is an infallible route to reach the zenith in Paid Ads.


A closer look at RedBerries's Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising service in Saudi Arabia

In order to run a successful Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for your business, just implementing a strategy is not enough. We continuously monitor the results and keep on optimizing it frequently to get your desired results. By optimizing the campaign, we not only reach more people but also discard the audience who are not relevant to your brand. We follow the best industry practices in order to make your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns a success.

Why choose RedBerries Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising services?

As a leading PPC Advertising agency in KSA, we have achieved landmarks with phenomenal services and have proven to be better with unmatched quality service than other mainstream marketing agencies sporadically popping by. Our aim is to keep your website as the top ranking one on Google search. More than this, our services include-

  • Brand visibility to the right customers with optimum time and placements
  • Lower marketing costs with increasing the revenue
  • Comprehensive solutions for lead generation

Brand Connectivity

The majority of the global population is consistently migrating to online resources to cater to their needs. They search for products and services in the digital domina. In such a space, it is imperative for your brand to be nothing short of the best. With Google Ads, your services and products are supplemented with the fruitful information that makes searching for them easier. Handled by our notable team of experts, we know all the right ingredients that make any PPC Advertising campaign successful spanning across all platforms, be it Google ads or Bing Ads.

PPC Agency in KSA

At Red Berries, we believe that the success of any PPC Advertising Campaign is determined by delivering more conversions at the lowest expenditure. This can be attained when the campaign is backed by superior knowledge and best practises, efficient account management and state-of-the-art techniques for optimization in a two pronged approach, that is, manual or automatic.A well planned PPC Advertising campaign can help your business to go beyond the usual curve and get ahead in the competition. Through the implementation of an effective strategy, in depth knowledge, keyword research and a profound understanding of Quality Score Algorithm that Google Adwords takes into consideration, you can deliver a very impressive result.

To bring about the full scale change in your business online, it must be delegated to shoulders that are experienced enough to hold up the mantle of change. At Red Berries, we have the requisite expertise and industry knowledge to cater to a wide variety of Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign needs to give back laudable results to our clients..

Trust the Pay Per Click (PPC) Experts in Saudi Arabia

Premium Tools and Analytics Usage

for driving up conversions, management, and supervision of PPC Advertising campaigns

Qualitative and Promised Results

Best in class PPC advertising campaign management for quick results

Data Driven Approach

Optimization and regular tweaks in the PPC advertising campaign based on A/B testing metrics

Prompt Reporting

Comprehensive outline of results on a monthly basis with analysis

Certified PPC Advertising Professional

handled by PPC advertising experts with best industry standard practices

PPC Marketing Services by Red Berries

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services for your business

In a highly competitive online world, where time is of the essence with services in question, it is only wise to grab the opportunities right away. This could be the defining factor for the success of your business and assist you to grow a thriving business in the virtual dominion.

PPC Advertising is one of the strong suits with Red Berries Technologies. We also cater to a host of related and essential services like conversion rate optimization, profit maximization, and landing page analysis among other services. These services are versatile with universal applicability. Right from a small-scale business to a major corporation, all businesses need these marketing services to expand their ambit online. The focal benefits of PPC Advertising services are-

  1. Identifying New Clients / Business Generation
  2. Raising Awareness
  3. Improving Sales

What sets our services apart from the whole plethora of similar offerings is that we seek beyond the pale of the obvious. At Red Berries, we do not stop at optimizing the front end alone like ad copy, in fact, we handle all aspects of the sales funnel, landing pages, web copies, etc. Managing these and tapping upon the potential of these backend faculties augment the overall revenue from your website. To obtain the most favoring results from your investments, it is best to hire a reputed agency with an authority with PPC services.


Appealing PPC Advertising Campaign Designs

The visual appeal of the ads is of foremost importance when you are trying to have a customer shop from your web store. Any lag in the procedure can lead to a bounce rate augmentation and adversely affect the quality score and landing paexperice of your brand. Adding images to the product ads and the standard user ratings and starts are pivotal ways to engage the multitude of audiences into clicking to your ad and reaching your website.

Integrated Services

More than just PPC advertising, Red Berries holds fort with paid ad searches expertise and SEO services in KSA. The specialists are trained to make data-driven decisions to generate high traffic. Also, as web development services in KSA, we make highly immersive and utilitarian websites that make more people come to it.

The Pay Per Click advertising campaign includes the following aspects-

  • Keyword research
  • Ads development
  • Campaign setup
  • Landing Page optimization
  • Bid Management
  • ROI Tracking
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Increased sales and leads
  • Extensive Customer Support

What is included in our Pay Per Click (PPC) Procedures for PPC advertising Optimisation

An array of tasks are run on a regular basis to ensure that the entire campaign is running smoothly and up to the estimated parameters. Our team has years of experience in optimizing PPC Advertising campaigns and helps your business to achieve the desired results. We understand your products and service offerings in depth to help develop all the required digital assets, accordingly. We provide customized PPC Advertising campaigns to reach maximum efficiency through it.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Campaign Set Up

  • Competitor Analysis
  • In Depth Keyword research
  • Relevant Ad Groups Creation
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Creation and Optimization Of Landing Pages
  • Analytical Configurations

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Campaign Management Services

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Ongoing Bid Management
  • A/B Testing
  • Monthly reporting and Recommendation

RedBerries is fortified by exceptional knowledge and a strong foundation in Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, spanning across varied sectors of industries. The PPC advertising experts with us take into consideration all relevant facets before curating campaigns that promises commendable results. This in turn resonates profitably for your online brand profile. We will understand your companies business goals and align it with the Pay Per Click campaigns. This enables us to provide personalized Pay Per Click advertising solutions to your brand. Regardless of your goals of generating leads, driving traffic, or boosting sales. PPC advertising demands a potent blend of compelling ad copy, targeted keywords, pertinent landing pages, and a high ad quality score to achieve desired results. This will ensure a reliable source of traffic for your website is established. The PPC Advertising Campaigns designed at Red Berries have their applicability across these platforms-

Bid Optimization

Bid amount i adjusted on a daily basis to give back the maximum ROI for your PPC Advertising campaign including optimization of bids according to the best hours of the day that will yield the most visibility for you brand

Negative Keywords

Determining the keywords that are throwing back wrong results and elimination of the same. In the du process, identification and assimilation of other related keywords in the PPC Advertising campaign to give more results.

Competitor and Trend Analysis

Tracking and keeping in tune with the competition is vital to stay ahead of them. Furthermore, its is important to make use of all trends that could help gain engagement in the PPC Advertising campaigns being run.

Google Support

When a team of Google certified PPC Advertising experts are handling your campaign, you can speak directly with Google on your behalf at an event of hassles with your account.

Conversion Setup

Tracking code setup that helps make the advertising decisions more beneficial for all. Backed by adequate data, all decisions are made on the basis of number sna best statistical readings

Landing page Optimization

Landing page analysis and making the customer experience on it rather enriching that in turn adds into the conversion rates and PPC Advertising ROI

Detecting False Clicks

Making all moves to avoid actions that could potentially result in many unprofitable clicks. At The same time, keeps track of the legitimate and qualified leads gained through the PPC advertising campaigns.

Budget Utilization

Continuous adjustments and fine tuning the PPC advertising campaign to gain the lowest amount on every click , allowing the amount allocated to be used mose judiciously.

Account Audit

Comprehensive report of your PPC advertising campaign that highlights the nadir as well as the lowest point of the campaigns across time periods.

Types of Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads Handled by Red Berries Advertising in Saudi Arabia

Search & Display ads platform commonly use this type of advertising. PPC Advertising is also effective because you can track the click-through rate and the sources from which the link has been clicked which helps you identify the customer journey and enables us to pinpoint the origin of the click. This also helps to understand the behavior of the user and gives us the insight to improve on it, accordingly.

Text Ads

One of the most basic advertisement formats that navigate customers to the right place in terms of the services or search they put in. The team at Red Berries understands the nuances involved in these types of ads and provide the most effective ad copies that grabs the attention and engages the audience. Text Ads are made to assist with-


  • Creating a brand appeal that resonates with the audience in rem
  • Ad optimization for better execution on mobiles
  • Incorporating important keywords
  • Adjustments and modifications

Display Ads

These ads are served on video streaming platforms like YouTube or while looking up Gmail or visiting other websites connected with the Google Display Network. In short, all visual ads on the Google Display network are efficiently managed by us.

Our skilled campaign designers and executors create ads which are best suited for mobile devices and operating systems. They decrease the size of the file to load it faster and usher in higher viewability.

Retargeting Ads

In order to ensure that all ads are reaching the right people to the fullest of their potential, the team runs them on various platforms with a retargeting strategy. These plans are laid out to lay the foundation of a strong connectivity with your brand and make a loyal customer base who return to you for services. With repeated messages and interactions, cookie data and third party data, conversion of customers to your site plummest, irrespective of the geographic location of your customers. At the same time, we like to take proper care of the fact that all ads are designed to be catchy without being a nuisance for our viewers.

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