Landing Page Design Services Dubai

A landing page helps to increase conversions as we give the users what exactly they want. Websites are useful to share generic information about your brand but landing pages direct your visitors to the exact product or service they are looking for. This enables us to simplify the decision-making process for the users.

At Red Berries, we follow best practices and methods to achieve desired results. We design landing pages which can capture users’ attention and direct them to act on it. Since landing pages are made for specific product or service, the content is minimal and focused on highlighting it’s Unique Selling Prospects (USPs).

Do we build landing pages?
Absolutely! As a digital marketing agency, we provide a wide range of digital services, one of them is building landing pages for your digital marketing campaigns.

Our priority is to help your business grow by satisfying your expectations and meeting your goals. We keep this in mind while designing the online marketing campaign and ensure it is aligned with your long term goals. We identify your goals, understand your requirements and take action, accordingly. This allows us to collaborate successfully and redirect the users where we want to.

Once we understand your goals and requirements, we start designing landing pages and create necessary written & visual content, keeping your brand voice in mind. We always assign a clear call-to-action for users’ to get higher conversions. We also keep in mind the user journey and understand how they will interact on the page.

There are various types of lead generation pages we can build. We identify what suits you the best and follow the “less is more” approach towards it. We do not display any content which may distract the user and make them leave the page. Landing pages are made for a specific campaign and hence, our goal is to present all the information relevant to it.

We keep the content simple yet persuasive. Our goal is to not only display all the relevant information about the campaign but also keep them engaged and eventually take action. This is not possible without having a clear and concise copywriting. Our creative team has the experience and the ability to write extraordinary content. Attracting users and keeping them on the page to take an action is the end purpose of a landing page, which our team can help you accomplish.

We Prioritize Design
We give the landing page content and design an equal amount of importance. We create a landing page which meets your requirements and has all the right elements for your campaign. We design pages in such a way that it captures all the possible information about the user visiting the page.

We also keep in mind the fact that the user journey can start from any device. We create responsive landing pages which are compatible with different devices, orientations, and specifications without losing any information. This helps your brand to have consistency throughout its online campaigns. Landing pages on any device should be able to attract user attention and keep them engaged on the page.

Once the campaign is launched, our team monitors it frequently and send you performance reports. We identify areas which are working for us and which needs to improve, in order to get better results and increase your ROI.

Importance of Testing
Testing is an essential part of the overall digital campaign as we customize landing pages based on your requirements. What may work for one campaign may not work for another, and therefore we keep trying out various elements on the landing page to optimize it.

What Do We Provide?
We at Red Berries always strive to provide you with the best possible service and achieving maximum efficiency. Our services help you to grow your business while saving you hours of analyzing your landing page. Our team has the experience and the ability to deliver results within a tight timeline.

What Can Our Landing Pages Deliver?

  • Identify your goals, understand your requirements and take action.
  • Start designing landing pages and create necessary written & visual content.
  • Identify what suits you the best and follow the “less is more” approach.
  • Keep the content simple yet persuasive.
  • Attracting users and keeping them on the page to take action is the end purpose.
  • We do not display any content which may distract the user.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Can you integrate landing pages with an email marketing campaign?
Definitely! As we provide a full range of digital services, we highly recommend integrating email marketing with the landing page.

Keeping the user journey in mind, we design our campaigns by keeping all the content consistent through all the mediums and platforms. Written & visual content is either exactly the same or similar on all the online marketing platforms.

Splash pages are meant for B2C or B2B Market?
Both of them! A landing page is optimized when we try and use different elements for various campaigns. We use the best industry practices to grow your business and provide tailor-made solutions to match your requirements.