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As a publisher, you want to receive the best value for your money regarding advertising. With Google Ad Manager, you can increase your ad revenue and expand your business without paying more for advertisements. Advertising and ad space sales can be complicated transactions. Keeping track of all these moving pieces can be quite a task. Google Ad Manager is used in this situation.

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What is Google Ad Manager?

Google Ad Manager is a Google Ad management platform. It is a professional tool to manage all your advertising. It is an ad server where ad campaigns are created and managed with automated reporting to review performance. It is commonly used to lift the ad experience and optimise advertising campaigns for online publishers. Google Ad Manager helps marketers and advertisers analyse ad revenue and enhance ROI through insightful reports. Business and marketing agencies with multiple Google ads accounts utilise Ad Manager to boost ad revenue.

However, not every business has the in-house expertise and knowledge to manage successful Google Ads advertising campaigns. Where do they go then? Thus, hiring a Google Ads Specialist is a wise choice. They are professionals who assist with campaign management.

What is a Google Ads Specialist?

A Google Ads specialist is an individual who plans, sets up and monitors Google Ad campaigns. They are responsible for managing and optimising Google Ad Campaigns. They must develop, update, and oversee ad copy, bids, keywords and other components of the company’s digital marketing strategies.

Google Ads specialists are experts in digital marketing practices. They know how to produce eye-catching advertisements to attract prospective clients and increase conversion rates.

What are Google Ads Specialist responsibilities?

When you work with a Google Ad specialist, they can help you with a range of tasks, including:

Monitor the performance of Google Ads

A Google Ad specialist must assess the ad campaigns and their performance to identify what works in advertising. In order to do this, they examine several variables, such as cost, click-through rate, impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Reviewing Google Ads targeting

Targeting is crucial in advertising because it helps concentrate the delivery of ads to the ideal client or prospect. A Google Ads Specialist will analyse various targeting choices, including demographics, in-market audiences, remarketing audiences, and location and device targeting for campaigns.

Launching new campaigns

A Google Ads Specialist will look at current keywords and conduct keyword research. Fresh ad groups or campaigns will be created and launched when fresh keywords match advertising objectives. Besides search marketing, they may also develop display, video, commerce, and other advertising.

Optimising Campaigns

Google Ad specialists manage and optimise campaigns to get effective results. This entails changing bids, targeting, adding negative keywords, and more.

Provide recommendations

In addition to overseeing campaigns and advertising in Google Ads, an expert can offer suggestions for enhancing landing pages and website functionality. Most conversions occur on a company's website, which is particularly important for initiatives to increase conversions.


A Google Ads Specialist will monitor campaigns and also provide relevant performance reports. It can be weekly or monthly, depending on the campaign and account under management. This enables a client to assess campaign effectiveness concerning set KPIs and goals.

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Other Responsibilities of Ad Specialist

  • Developing Google Ads campaigns that work.
  • Analysing and improving operations and gauging their efficacy.
  • Examination of the campaign's traffic quality analysis
  • Oversight of the budget.
  • Selecting keyword match kinds and examining search terms.
  • Evaluating performance against major competitors.
  • Making suitable ad extensions.
  • Control bid tactics and modify marketing parameters.
  • Choosing bid modifications to optimise performance.
  • Developing and evaluating fresh ad variations.
  • Making adjustments to enhance the performance of the account

How can you become a Google Ads Specialist?

If you want to be a Google Ads specialist, you must possess the following:


Google Ads specialist must hold a bachelor's degree or above. Candidates with a degree in marketing, advertising, or a similar discipline are frequently preferred by employers. Instead of a bachelor's degree, certain employers would consider applicants with an associate's degree or related job experience.

Understand Google Ads

Learning how Google Ads operates is the first step towards becoming a Google Ads Specialist. If you master search campaigns, you can progress to managing display campaigns and other Google Ads campaigns. Then, set up your Google Ads account with a daily budget of $1. You will make a future investment.

Become Google Ads certified.

Once you have understood how Google ads work, getting certification in Google Ads is the next step towards becoming a Google Ads specialist. Google offers tests covering the many campaign kinds you can oversee within your account. Professionals who want to boost their earning potential or become more marketable when looking for a new job might obtain certificates.

Google Ads Specialist Skills

Data Analysis
The capacity to evaluate information and derive conclusions from it is known as data analysis. You may need to analyse data as an advertising specialist to assess an advertising campaign's success. You can also use data analysis to identify the most successful advertising and the ones that need to be modified or eliminated.

Search Engine Marketing
The technique of improving a website to make it more visible in search engine results is known as search engine marketing. This includes developing keywords, making ads, and analysing data to boost output.

An efficient Google Ads strategy is built on search engine marketing, which makes this skill crucial for Google Ads specialists.


Any career requires effective communication, but an advertisements expert position requires it even more. Communicating effectively is vital because you'll exchange messages with clients, colleagues, and other team members. This entails having the ability to listen and react to inquiries and requests in a prompt, courteous manner.

A genuine Google Ads expert can be distinguished from someone who only dabbles with the platform by optimising ads and comprehending the elements that lead to success. Professionals can succeed in dynamic and demanding advertising by developing these abilities and keeping up with industry trends. Google Ad specialists play a critical role in the success of digital advertising strategies, whether in charge of guaranteeing proper ad delivery, maximising campaign performance, or keeping up with the ever-changing ad tech landscape.

One such service that Google provides to help small businesses grow is Google Shopping. At Red Berries Dubai, we provide free advisory on how, why and by when we can set up a Google Shopping Feed for your business. Our dedicated team of experts are there to assist you at various stages of the process.

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What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping combines product listing from various brands and retailers. It is a one-stop shop for comparing, prices and features of various products. Users can also see the rating and reviews of the product listed by the distributor. This helps users to know whether the seller and the product listed is authentic and fit for purchase or not.

Red Berries Dubai has in-house experts who can take care of updating and maintaining your feed as it needs to be optimised on regular basis. Update of prices, bidding to get better reach and click rates are some of the many tasks we perform once we start managing your Google Shopping Feed.

Apart from creating and maintaining it, we also audit your and your competitor’s listing to make sure that your brand stands out from the rest. Our top priority is to ensure your goals are met through Red Berries Dubai team services.

What Will You Gain From Free Consultation?

At Red Berries, we believe in providing services that create long-lasting partnerships with you. Our aim is not only to fulfil your business objectives but also to take your business to new peaks. Keeping that in mind, we provide free Google Shopping Consultation.

Google Shopping consultation helps you to understand why your business needs to have a presence here, especially if you are an e-commerce retailer and how it can setted up.

In the consultation session, we discuss the following:

Revenue Evaluation of Existing Account:
Red Berries Dubai will analyze and evaluate the return on investment from your ad spent. The campaigns that have been running so might have been successful or may not have met your objectives. We will evaluate this by understanding the reach, impressions, click-through rate in contrast to ad spent. During the call, our team will suggest changes and if we take things forward, will implement it for you.

Audit of Current Campaigns:
Our team in Dubai audits the ongoing campaigns and create a comparison with your main competitors. Keeping your campaign as a benchmark we will compare with a few of your top competitors and understand how does your brand fare in comparison. Red Berries provides suggestions on how we can improve your campaign performance from your competitors during the consultation call.

Audience Marketing:
During our free consultation, we also discuss the target audience to whom we market the products and how can we optimise the campaigns for them. We assess your target audience for the solutions you provide and see if they are the right fit or require any amendments. Our team discusses this during the consultation call and suggest the best practices to be implemented.

Answer Your Questions:
Our experts are available during the call to answer all your queries. No matter how simple or complex, your questions will be answered by the Red Berries Dubai team and they will be answered with utmost transparency and sincerity. The main objective of the consultation call is for you to understand our services and for us to understand your requirements.

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Why Choose Red Berries Dubai?

Dedicated Assistance:
We assign dedicated account managers who can handle all your doubts and queries and provide a solution as soon as possible to you. Our team has expertise in account and project management and therefore, they will be able to oversee the complete execution of a project.

Quick Resolution:
Red Berries Dubai team has dedicated support from the Google team. Google provides any and all types of help if and when required. This helps us to quickly solve your issues. We always for smooth and prompt fixes to any issues that may arise.

All Solution Under One Roof:
We provide 360-degree solutions for Google Shopping feed. From setup to execution, maintenance and advertising, we do it all. We also help to optimise and ensure that our team is updated with any latest changes in the Google Shopping feature.

Connect with Red Berries
Red Berries Dubai can help to not only increase visibility for your brand but also enable you to take your business to new heights by providing the result you require. Our experts and the technically sound team help you achieve that. Get in touch with us today incase you would like to learn more about Google Shopping.

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