“Honey, Look how cute these earrings are!”
“You just got some earrings few months ago. Do you really need more?”
“But they have discounts and I like the delivery options and quality guarantees that this website has to offer.”
“Ok honey, let’s think about this for a day or two. Just don’t buy right away okay ?”
Digital marketing companies often tend to forget the core of business when it comes to website traffic and analytics. A business is not formed for high traffic of visitors, it is there to sell products. In the above scenario, if the husband was reminded of the same earrings on his Facebook timeline or some blog he follows through “Remarketing”, there’s a very high possibility of him surprising his wife with the earrings that she liked.

Remarketing induces that flair of familiarity. As the content and/or products shown in Remarketing are very closely related to the customer’s preferences, they have higher chances of getting clicked and/or purchased. Remarketing holds an inverted trend when compared to the traditional advertising. Usually digital advertisement tend to lose conversion rates if the frequency of advertisements is increased but Remarketing acts like a gentle reminder to customers to finish what they started. This also indirectly helps in building a strong brand image due to the familiarity with which the customer starts perceiving a logo and company.

The reason why Remarketing as a strategy is not very famous amongst small and medium enterprises is its complexity. We at RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai will provide you with the perfect Remarketing plan that ensures visibility, conversion and does not dig deep into your marketing budget.

Our Remarketing campaign will help you:

  • Create remarketing tags
  • Set up remarketing campaigns
  • Track audience and traffic
  • Set up contextual targeting and other strategies
  • Targeting websites that are relevant to the target audience of your website and products
  • Help in remarketing through Apps and other contemporary mediums receiving high traffic
  • Creating customized templates which are attractive and relevant

Redberries FactFile:

Remarketing is ridiculously cheaper and ensures higher Click-through and Conversion rates.
(On average, client can save upto $0.57 per click on adverts while using Remarketing.)