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Having a social media presence is a basic necessity for anyone-be it an author trying to promote his book, or a manufacturer wanting direct engagement with customers? But neglecting the tonnes of valuable customer insight you can generate by studying the way in which users interact with your social media avatars is like using a cell phone only for speaking and not listening.


Website Tracking & Reporting

In a world of driven analytics and data mining, a systematic assessment of your social media performance generates very crucial information:

  • Customer sentiment
  • Overall visibility of the brand
  • Social score relative to competitors/peers
  • Impact/success of ad-campaigns
  • Current and upcoming trends
  • Potential dangers, warning signs
  • Information relevant to innovation/ideation

In the chaos of the social media universe, marketers must overcome a number of challenges:

  • How to get people to talk about or engage with them?
  • How to combine data from multiple platforms and derive a coherent meaning out of it?
  • How to make use of algorithms that form an essential part of social media measurement?
  • How to formulate an effective social media measurement strategy at an optimal cost?

RedberriesSocial Media Tracking & Reporting tools answer these challenges and enable you to really listen and understand your target audience, while delivering intelligence that leads to accurate decision making and ensuring that every penny spent on social media activity counts.

Redberries structured social media approach refines your social media approach and emboldens your presence:

  • In-depth analysis and review of current social media standings
  • SMART goal setting for social media targets
  • Tracking counts, trends and sentiment metrics
  • Dynamic, visually enhanced report generation
  • Collation of data across social media platforms for comprehensive interpretation

Redberries FactFile:

Less than 30% of businesses have a structured approach for social media measurement, make sure your brand is a class
apart of them by using Redberries Social Media Tracking & Reporting services.

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