Google AMP Services by RedBerries in Dubai, UAE

The digital landscape is quite dynamic in nature. New technological trends have started arising more frequently than ever. We at Red Berries, help your business to implement such changes and keep them updated with latest tools. As mobile users have been increased over the years, we boost the mobile performance of your website through Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).


Your business needs to be omnipresent to increase website traffic. We can help you achieve this by improving the speed and decreasing the load time of your website. Website speed has a direct impact on the search engine rankings, which in turn, has an impact on the website traffic. Higher the ranking, more visitors to your website. And as mobile usage has increased, more people browse websites on the go. In order to have an optimized and seamless browser experience on mobile, AMP services are designed to load webpages instantly.

AMP Concept

AMP is an open source initiative to optimize website speed which delivers a smooth user experience. The content has been specifically optimized for mobile devices to have an easy browsing experience.

Advantages of Mobile AMP

AMP offers a wide range of advantages which improves and enhances the mobile user experience for your customers. It helps to enhance website speed, performance, and user experience. This leads to an increase in sales and in turn, growing your business.

Speed Improvement:

Your online presence depends highly on your website. If the website isn’t loading faster, user engagement will drop leading to a decrease in sales. Nowadays, everything has to quickly load and display promptly on the internet. If website pages load faster, you will have more user engagement which has a positive impact on your business. AMP not only helps to improve website speed for desktop but is specifically designed to improve website performance on a mobile device. Users can access information instantly through their mobiles if AMP services are implemented.

Better Accessibility:

The attention span of users is decreasing drastically. They will leave your website if the content is not visible on time. We at Red Berries are aware of this and our team has the expertise to deliver fresh content which is usable for an AMP enabled website. If the information is easily accessible by your customers, it will impact your business positively. Faster they can access the required information, quicker they can make a purchase decision.

Customer First:

Customers are the king. And we help you satisfy their needs by providing a seamless and smooth experience of your website. We keep you ahead of the competition by using the “customer first approach” and prioritizing their needs. Google controls the way AMP is displayed. Therefore, your customers come to know if you have implemented AMP on your website.

Higher Search Engine Rankings:

By implementing AMP, not only the website speed improves, but also it’s ranking increases on search engines. Search engine ranks websites higher if it has a faster loading speed. Also, if your website loads faster, purchases can be made quickly on the page, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Quick Distribution:

Due to the faster loading speed of the website, content gets delivered faster, thus, engaging the users with your brand. Users can access all the information immediately. Such smooth interaction with a website makes users digital experience better and they build trust with the brand.

Effective Tracking:

Through Google Analytics, we can track the number of users visiting AMP pages. We can also analyze how the website is performing. Most of the analytics tools are already in place as they are implemented while implementing AMP. Tracking helps to know which pages are viewed more, what is the bounce rate, through which device the website is performing better and we can optimize the pages accordingly.

RedBerries offers proficient google AMP services in Dubai, UAE

AMP Optimization

We provide services which not only grows your business at present but future-proof it as well. A simple upgrade to your website can do wonders for your business. We create a digital strategy based on how well the website is running and find ways to improve them.

AMP is one of the ways which can optimize your website, improve its speed and take your business to the next level. Our team understands the requirements of your business and provide solutions which best suits your needs.

AMP is slowly but steadily becoming a norm of the digital industry and not too soon, it will become a necessity. We at Red Berries can provide hand in hand support to walk you through its features and make you understand how will it impact your business.

What’s Unique About AMP?

Most of the websites are still not fully optimized, especially for mobile browsing. By removing heavy CSS, HTML, and other elements, AMP helps your website to perform better and your business stands out from the crowd.

We can help you get desired results by implementing AMP to your website and create a unique approach to the web designing altogether.

Advantages of Mobile AMP

  • Users can access information instantly through their mobiles.
  • If the information is easily accessible by your customers, it will impact your business positively.
  • Keep you ahead of the competition by using the “customer first approach”.
  • Search engine ranks websites higher if it has a faster loading speed.
  • Smooth interaction with a website makes users' digital experience better.
  • Track the number of users visiting AMP pages.
  • AMP designs are sleek and more efficient than normal pages.
  • Increase user engagement on the website across all the devices.
  • Helps users to read and view the information in a very user-friendly way.

RedBerries offers proficient google AMP services in Dubai, UAE