Browser Compatibility Services
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Browser compatibility is the way a web page is sighted on various browsers. Different browsers read the codes of the web pages differently. Different individuals use different web browsers and so you have to make sure that your web page is compatible at all browsers.


Just not this, even web browsers acts as translators where the HTML language gets translated into a formatted web page that the readers are capable of reading. If this would not have been a feature of the web browsers then browsers would have lost in deep down oceans.

It is impractical to have a 100% responsive website across different browsers. Each browser has its own advantages & disadvantages and therefore, to have a completely compatible website for all browser types is not possible. But our team of experts at Red Berries can help your clients by designing and developing websites which are compatible with the commonly used browsers.

We also realize that there could be concerns related to security for older browser versions. We communicate that message to the end user by displaying the text on relevant places of the browser window so that the attention of the user is caught and they update their browsers, accordingly.

We also understand that browsers for mobile & tablets work differently and therefore ensure to optimize the websites for various device specifications. While keeping the actual content unchanged, we make the user experience better by providing quick and smooth browsing experience on the go.

We optimize your website for the below-mentioned browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Any other web browser that is fully compatible with HTML5 and CSS.

Necessity of browser compatibility 

If you do not have the perk of browser compatibility then you are all lost with your content and other stuffs. It is very important that whatever you design for your web gets compatible in as much browsers as possible. Every user does not use the same browser like the other. So you need to get hold of a good web designer and make your web page as compatible to as many browsers as it can be.

Tips to make your browser compatible 

To build a consistent web page that can work seamlessly and beautifully at all web browsers you need to follow few of these simple steps. They are:

  • Keep a simple layout design with easy CSS and markups that would be make the HTML easy to get translated.
  • Before uploading your web page it is very necessary that you validate your code. Run your HTML and CSS through validators and make sure it works good with prominent browsers.
  • Include in your page a document type declaration to avoid browser quirks mode. Yes but you have to place a valid document type declaration to all your web pages.
  • To make web pages consistent at all browsers it is important to use CSS reset rules to all your pages.
  • It is your responsibility to check what you have created is working in how many browsers. So you need to test your web page in as many browsers as possible.

Using different websites to test your web page 

If you are looking for a team of experts in Qatar who can help you design your website which doesn’t only has excellent UI/UX but is also all browser compatible then look no further. We work with a team of in house experts in Qatar which facilitates seamless digital experiences. Our in house experts make it sure that whatever we deliver matches the Qatar standards. Connect with us to know more about our browser compatibility services.