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Redberries responsive web design solutions allow your organization to create an easy reading and viewing for its users-visitors accessing the site across platforms. They will not be haggled by excessive scrolling, unfriendly layouts and non-adaptive images.


Responsive Web Design Development Agency
Responsive Web Design Development Agency

Not too long ago, internet usage was restricted to single screen-users who accessed websites through one device such as their computers or laptops. An average user nowadays accesses internet through multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and personal computer. Each medium comes with its own set of requirements and websites need to adapt to multiple platforms to provide a seamless experience to users. Responsive web design derives from responsive architecture, an example being glass walls that increase their opacity on sensing the presence of people inside a room. It would be incredibly impractical, if not impossible, for a firm to design web interfaces tailor made to suit a variety of platforms like Windows, Android, iOS and so on.

Redberries creates responsive websites using the fundamental principles of responsive web design such as:

  • Adaptable screen resolutions
  • Resizable images
  • Flexible grids
  • Media queries using CSS3
  • Javascript

Responsive websites are no longer a luxury but a necessity with mobile traffic now forming the major chunk on overall internet traffic. Google factors in the responsiveness of websites into it’s rankings and ranks websites with non-responsive designs lower.

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Responsive Website Agency

In the ever-changing digital landscape, it’s important to develop a responsive web design (RWD) which can work on any type of device (mobile, tablet, desktops, etc.).The evolution of modern consumer technology has increased the requirements from a standard website. A responsive website is not just an option, but a mandatory requirement which has to implemented to grow your business.

Leading Responsive Web Agency in KSA

The most difficult aspect of building a responsive website is that it has to be compatible with different operating systems (OS), various display orientations and so on. It is nearly impossible to create a responsive website for all the devices and OS out there in the market.

We at Red Berries understand this and our team provides you with a solution which can be adapted to most frequently used type of devices and operating systems. This helps your business to reach a majority of the people who can have a seamless user experience.

Responsive Web Design Method

We are completely aware of how to keep your customers satisfied. We provide customized solutions to your business which gets you a valuable return on investment (ROI). We are able to achieve due to our expertise in the digital marketing ecosystem and keep ourselves updated with the latest technological trends.

Responsive Web Design Concept

The most important part about a responsive website is the way content is displayed on the website. Irrespective of the orientation, pixel density, OS, web browser, and other specifications, the content should be displayed appropriately within the given screen size of the device. This is crucial as web users may drop off from the website if the content is not shown appropriately.

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design
Responsive Website Design
Responsive Website Design

Benefits of a responsive website are:

  • An aesthetic looking website which can be viewed on any device.
  • Customized codes prevent the image dimensions, displaying it appropriately across various devices.
  • Our team develops robust coding to support different layouts of the website.
  • Format web pages differently for various devices.

Displaying Content:
If RWD is developed, there is no need to create different versions of the same website. This also helps to publish less content and can be modified easily. This also leads to brand consistency as it can adapt to different devices without creating multiple websites.

Future Designs Compatibility :
Best way to develop an RWD is by adhering to current web standards and also build a lean & agile code which can be adaptive to future devices. Responsive websites should not only focus on current devices but also keep in mind the devices which will be introduced in the future.

Mobile First Designs
There has been a paradigm shift in the way users browse websites. Over the years, mobile has dominated over desktops and laptops when it comes to browsing and purchasing online. This is due to the fact people like to browse or shop on the go. We at Red Berries always start developing websites by keeping in mind the mobile user journey first.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)
Responsive websites allow users to instantly switch from their desktop to mobile without making any changes in the displayed content. Responsive websites will adapt to different presentation styles automatically for various devices. We also deliver solutions which optimize the website for different search engine platforms and speeds up the website loading time.

Important Features of Responsive Websites

Media Queries:

Website developers can alter and change the targeted areas of a media query layout in terms of design width, orientation, to name a few. This allows us to make a number of adjustments and develop an efficient responsive website. The end result is an aesthetic looking website which can be viewed on any device.

Fluid Layouts:

Once the creatives for websites are approved, our team develops robust coding to support different layouts of the website. Irrespective of the screen size, the website automatically adjusts itself to the screen orientation, displaying content without any loss of information. This approach helps for future updates on the website as well. As the changes are applied on a single version of your website, the overall cost of maintenance is reduced.

Viewport Meta Tags:

Viewport meta tags help web developers to adjust page widths and format webpages differently for various devices. It’s a small piece of code which is embedded to allow the device to be compatible with any browser.

Frequently Asked Responsive Web Design Questions

Are we able to integrate responsive behavior with custom web designs?
Definitely! Any industry can benefit from responsive website optimization. That’s the sole reason we offer custom web design services Riyad, KSA.

Redberries FactFile:

Number of people using mobiles to access internet is expected to double over the coming years.
Get geared with Redberries responsive websites to maximize your website’s appeal across interfaces.

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