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Cross Browser Website Design And Testing
What is the meaning of ‘Best viewed in XYZ Browser Version ABC and above’?
Why do newer versions of the same browser have problems in supporting features that the older versions supported?
Is there a way to ensure that the quality of user experience be consistent across all platforms?


Browser Compatibility | Web Development Services in KSA

These are just some of the questions which point towards browser compatibility- a necessary attribute of modern day websites and an important criterion in testing the quality of a browser.

Browser compatibility (from our client’s viewpoint) is the ability of the website or application to perform optimally across different browsers (from a webmaster’s viewpoint, it can be seen as the capability of the browser to read the HTML codes of websites efficiently).

Redberries provides quality services to its clients to maximize browser compatibility, based on its cross functional knowledge arising from presence in related domains such as website development, web designing and responsive websites.

Redberries’ robust approach ensures that our client’s websites exhibit excellent performance across all categories of browsers and devices with:

  • Potent CSS3 support
  • Responsive design
  • Nimble media query framework

A number of factors need to be concerned while formulating a solution to address the issue of browser compatibility:

  • What type of content is to be made compatible-is it text-rich, or is it infused with many images, videos, flash animations, etc.?
  • What is the time and money being allocated for enhancing compatibility?
  • What connection speeds are the expected visitors working on? Is the site more likely to be viewed on mobiles or on laptops/PCs?

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Redberries FactFile:

Most users are turned away from the site if it fails to load on their browser properly. With Redberries, you canensure that your visitors never just click away!