Established Email Marketing Services
Company in Muscat, Oman

One of the earliest mediums of online communication, Emails have been proven to be an effective way to reach out to people across the globe, individually.


Email marketing has evolved over the years and it has effectively given a new customer base, help retain existing customers and generate ROI while keeping costs at a minimum.

We at Red Berries, help you gain traction, by personalizing and customizing email messages which reflect your voice and make an impact on the person at the receiving end.


Current Situation:

We will first understand your objectives and analyze what can be achieved for you through email marketing.

Planning & Strategy:

Technical details such as frequency of emails, types of communications, target audiences and so on, is decided and finalized at this stage.
We want to make sure that your message reaches the audience who you would want to engage with.

Creative Development:

Once the email marketing strategy is finalized, our creative juices will start flowing, ensuring your requirements are met in terms of design and communications.

Takeoff & Automation:

We will launch the campaign and keep monitoring the progress on the basis of Open Rates (OR) and Click Through Rates (CTR). We will also look into the possibilities of how to automate the entire process.

The email campaign process is set up to target users who have already visited your website or have left halfway through, this may be as simple as not completing the sign-up form, or placing an order from your website. As a team and agency, following the best industry practices is our top most priority as well as delivering effective results and the highest level of service to generate revenue.