Skilled AMP Website Development Services Company
in Muscat, Oman

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a new open source initiative led by Google which optimizes website speed on mobile and makes it load quickly.


AMP Website Development services Oman
AMP Website Development services Oman

Through AMP, users get a much better mobile browsing experience than standard mobile web designs. Faster the content loads on your website, higher conversion rate you will have for your products/services.

AMP optimizes mobile browsing experience by removing a heavy load of HTML, CSS and other elements in order to display load website content quickly. This makes the overall mobile browsing experience, much smoother and efficient. We at Red Berries understand the world of technology is dynamic in nature and therefore make sure our team is up to date with latest AMP features.

Advantages of AMP are:

Speed Enhancement:

Faster the speed of the website, higher the user engagement rate. If the content is loaded faster through mobile, users will feel much more comfortable browsing such websites which in turn leads to higher ROI.

Better Accessibility:

The attention span of users is reducing on a daily basis. If users can access one web page to another in a matter of seconds, then they can convert easily as they feel convenient to make a decision from a website which responds quickly to users’ actions.

Customer First Approach:

You can win the trust of your customers as the integration of AMP shows that you care about adding value to users’ experience and always take steps on a seamless and innovative approach. You stand out of the crowd as you showcase how innovation can help you achieve better results and become an example in your industry.

Improved Rankings:

Not only does the content load faster and distributes quickly through the network, but it also helps with search engine rankings as websites which load faster are ranked higher on the search engine platforms.

Effective Tracking:

AMP provides an additional set of features which helps you to track your users’ journey and their behavior in a much-improved way. AMP adds on to existing features provided by Google Analytics. This helps you to utilize this data and make improvements to AMP, accordingly.