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Your business needs to keeping growing and expanding. As it does, you will require a new look for your website. You need to upgrade your website to stay ahead of the competition. And we help you to achieve that goal.


Maintaining Search Engine Rankings

If you are planning to move all key features of your existing website to a fresh website, this can be a challenging task requiring elaborate coordination and management.

It can be hard to get this process to function smoothly, rest assured that we are on the side to assist you throughout your journey. In many cases, we have been able to increase our client’s search engine visibility immediately!

Smooth Website Migration

We will advise you in prior, the important decisions you will have to take when it comes to web migration, so you will not have any unpleasant surprises waiting for you.

Making the move to a new custom website can be very hard to do without hampering your SEO results. How fast you restore performance and site features will dictate how long the drop-off is.

Website Migration Information

We look at the content that brings you the most traffic and evaluate your most popular web pages. That old FAQ might be a major driver of traffic but it might need to be rewritten as well. We help you to spot these issues you might not be considering.

Enhancing Website Fundamentals

We balance out old valuable content with the new site structure without losing any information. Your old site may be difficult to maintain and adjusting them without careful consideration, could cause issues elsewhere. We ensure the safe removal of and readjustment of each and every onsite URL on the website. Attention to detail is a key aspect of website migration and our team has the expertise to deliver on it. We even help migrate your website on search engine platforms by submitting indexing new URL’s. So if the user is looking for your website, it will help them to redirect to the new website quite smoothly.

Website Migration Stages

Performing An Audit:

We can get rid of old material that is no longer important or update it on your new website. We also don’t want to delete all of your webpages as this might cripple search ratings based on keywords. The key is to alter only what will benefit your website.

See how distinct websites rank and cancel or repurpose webpages that do not assist you to achieve traffic on your new website.

Analyzing Website Performance:

We help you evaluate your website performance by placing the right tracking tools on your website. This tool helps to understand the user journey of the visitors and analyze their behavior. We can also analyze the bounce rate and average duration of each visitor spending on a page. This data helps us to improve your overall website performance.

Redirect Maps:

It’s crucial to map your old site’s links to the new ones.

At this stage, a number of general concepts can be taken to accurately asses the links on the two websites. The specific details of how you can generate this mapping will depend on your existing website infrastructure and it’s detailed.

Implement The Map:

Your website is well established among your users. They may have bookmarked and saved the website across many devices. We implement redirects of your established links to the new website. This ensures your current users do not lose on any information and can easily access your new website.

Performance Review:

Certain things to keep in mind while reviewing the performance of your new website:

  • Review and keep testing the website to check glitches (if any).
  • Test each and every link on your website.
  • Fix bugs and make sure website upgrades are done regularly.
  • Renew your domain names annually.
  • Such performance helps us analyses the current pitfalls and we can action them once they are identified.

As the digital landscape is dynamic in nature, we provide timely updates to your website to boost its overall performance. Our team is well informed of the latest trends we can help implement it on your website if needed.

Website Migration Services
Website Migration Services
Website Migration Plan
Website Migration Plan

Website Migration Plan

The success of a website migration depends on a very detailed site migration plan. At Red Berries, we follow the below steps for website migration:

  • Scoping & Planning Of Migration
  • Pre Launch & Post Launch Preparation
  • Pre Launch Tests & Checks
  • Migration Launch Activities
  • Post Launch Tests Checks
  • Website Performance Reviews & Monitoring

steps to consider during your website migration process

  • Get rid of old material that is no longer important or updates it on your new website.
  • Evaluate your website performance by placing the right tracking tools on your website.
  • Accurately asses the links on the two websites.
  • Implement redirects of your established links to the new website.
  • Review and keep testing the website to check glitches.

Difficulties we have answered for NGOs & Charity Organizations:

“How can SEO help our charity organization?”
“We are not into profit sector. We are a charity organization. Can SEO help in expanding the reach of our causes?”
“We have a website, yet our charity organization doesn’t get the optimum benefit from online donations as it should.”
“How do I ensure the good work that I do gets discovered by the right people?”

Migrating a new website (or piece of website) needs careful consideration and planning. Quite arguably, it is the greatest risk in a modern website project and one that needs focus across the gamut of web skills. With SEO and other elements at stake it becomes difficult. Above are few types of queries Redberries has effortlessly resolved earlier with our easy to follow strategies. We are right here to assist you from the time you make up your mind till the time you execute the plan and even after that. We’ll make sure you fulfil your goals and continue to progress overall.

The basic steps include:

  • Establishing objectives, efforts and process
  • Taking care of the actions on the legacy site
  • Measuring the progress of the website and setting targets
  • Testing the new site
  • Update on required information
  • Measure progress
Website Migration
Website Migration

Redberries FactFile:

Depending on what goes on behind the scenes, the transfer of DNS servers between the old and new web hosts can cause a domain to go
dark for between 12 to 72 hours after the request for such a change is submitted to the new registrar.

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