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We at Red Berries provide a wide range of website support services to ensure your website runs smoothly and has an optimal performance at all times. We ensure all the necessary elements for website maintenance are put in place in order to update or modify your website. Website hosting, CMS updates, backup, are few of the many services we provide under website maintenance.



Providing Various Website Maintenance & Support Services

Our team is well experienced and perform website maintenance services of any scale. Our aim is to grow your business without incurring any operational losses. We offer end-to-end solutions which help to cover all your website support related queries under one roof.

Upgrading Content Management System (CMS):

It is important to stay ahead in the digital ecosystem by updating your website software to the latest version. From security to plugins, we provide support and maintenance for various CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magneto, to name a few.

Updating Content:

From webpage text to header images, we help you update your website content to display the latest information about your business. You can reach out to us whenever you want to update anything on the website and we will fulfill your request. Whether you want to change the written content, add a blog post, change website images or update product listing, we can do it all!

Website Backup & Restore:

It is crucial for us to frequently back up your website content to prepare ourselves for a worst-case scenario. The digital world isn’t risk-free. We need to take precautions before such a scenario arises. We maintain an offline backup which can restore your website without losing any information.

Website Hosting:

As an end-to-end web development agency, we at Red Berries provide web server hosting for your website and it’s application. We provide you with website hosting packages which are best suitable for your requirements without compromising on the quality of the service.

Customized Support & Maintenance Packages

We understand that each business has a different range of requirements for website support and maintenance. Some businesses require long term support for more than a year or two whereas others might be building up their website and require our website services for a minimal duration of fewer than six months.

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Website Maintenance Services Company in KSA
Website Maintenance Services Company in KSA

Service Offerings for Website Maintenance Plan:

  • Fulfill your website maintenance requests even if they are on an urgent basis.
  • Host your website on servers which has zero downtime.
  • Take regular backup of your website and store on a highly secured platform.
  • Consult and advise you on how can your website be improved.
  • Frequently check on the status of your website.
  • Provide a tailor-made package.
  • Full support during the launching of your website.

Launch Support Services
We provide full support during the launching of your website. Our team is available at your service whenever you require them to their support to launch it smoothly.

We usually provide the following launch services:
1. Analytics Tracking & Configuration
2. Setting Up Webmaster Tools

Post Launch
We don’t leave you high and dry after the website is launched. We keep monitoring the performance and based on that, take the necessary steps to improve it. We deliver the results which are desired by you.

Urgent Requests:

We fulfill your website maintenance requests even if they are on an urgent basis. We understand that you may require our immediate attention and our team can deliver on it.

Website Audit:

We frequently check on the status of your website. If we feel it is outdated, we will inform you and upgrade it accordingly. We keep in mind the latest technological trends which could be implemented for your website and improve its performance.

Web Hosting Management:

We are a full-service agency and therefore provide all the services related to website maintenance. One of them is web hosting management. We make sure to host your website on servers which has zero downtime. Also, digital traffic is considered while choosing an appropriate web hosting platform for your website.

Secured Website Backups:

We at Red Berries are prepared for any obstacles and keep ourselves ready for it. We take regular backup of your website and store on a highly secured platform. We also keep an offline backup of the website for emergency purposes.

Adding New Features:

Our team always keeps an eye out on the digital trends and implement it, wherever possible, for your website. This helps your business not only to stand out of the crowd but also expand it due to its enhanced performance after updating it.

Further Enhancements:

We consult and advise you on how can your website be improved. This suggestion is based on best practices along with future trends of online browsing. We also ensure that the solution we provide you, align with your long term business goals.

Do you have any question?

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What does website maintenance mean?

Frequently auditing the website for bugs, mistakes and keeping the content of it updated is called website maintenance. Website maintenance should be done as frequently and regularly as possible so as to keep the website running smoothly, increase traction and improve the SEO and Google rankings of the website.

So, how much does website maintenance cost?
Around $1000 to $20,000 per year.
Ongoing Website
Domain Name $12 - $60
SSL Certificate $0 - $1,500 / year
Website Hosting $24 - $10,000 / year
Content Management System (CMS) $22,000 - $60,000 / year
Ecommerce Functionality $180 - $300 / year
Website Maintenance $1,000 - $20,000 / year
Website Content $1,000 - $5,000

Why should your firm invest in website maintenance?

Oftenly, new businesses in KSA make a temporary website or don’t invest a lot of time initially while building a website. These businesses may fail to reach their website goals & objectives even if they have aesthetic looking website as it may not be updated or their could be broken links or the website doesn’t load time, the reasons are infinite. Here are some top reasons why your website needs a regular checkup:

Google Rankings:
Google rankings has been highly influential when it comes to searching for a business, product or anything what the user is interested to look for. Riyad, kSA being a tech driven city, most of the users first search on Google and browse through only the first page of Search Engine Results Pages. You need to ensure that your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been done accurately and need to check that as regularly as possible. You need to update the keywords, on-page content, blogs, news articles (if any) on the website to have a better SEO.

User Engagement:
You need to ensure that your website is user friendly and people who aren’t aware of your business can easily understand, interact and browse through the website. A hassle free digital browsing journey will not only increase website traffic but may also help you grow your business through new genuine leads.

Secured Website:
This is one of the most important aspects of a website maintenance especially if you are an e-commerce based from Riyad, kSA. You need to ensure that the users entering personal information on your website won’t be hacked or misused by third party integrated platforms in anyway. Ensure to update your Content Management System (CMS) for security and get an SSL certificate for checkout/payment pages.

Catching Up with Trends:
The more aesthetic and user friendly your website is, the better chance of getting more business. Websites have evolved a lot since the inception of the internet. To stay ahead of the competitors, identify the upcoming new trends on improving the digital journey of your website and identify ways to implement them on your website.

What are the things you need to consider for a website maintenance?

There are plenty of tasks which have to be taken care of on weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Weekly basis:

  • Ensure all pages are loading without any bugs
  • Backup your latest version of website and cross check if it has been saved
  • Updating the softwares and CMS plugins
  • Check if the forms are working properly
  • Remove unwanted comments from blogs and pages
  • Check for broken links on all pages & fix the links

Monthly basis:

  • Checking the load speed of website and ensuring nothing is slowing it down
  • Make security scans and ensure everything is in order
  • Collect the data and analyze the website statistics for last month
  • Update existing or add new blogs

Quarterly basis:

  • Audit the website and suggest improvements
  • Check for creatives which may need to be updated on the website.
  • Audit all aspects of SEO to ensure they are effective
  • Test and modify pop-ups, forms, call to actions on website

Yearly basis:

  • Change the references to current year (eg: copyright year)
  • Check pages for grammar, typos, grammar and accuracy
  • Remove unwanted email addresses from the website database
  • Renew the domain name


Website Maintenance Dubai
Website Maintenance Riyad, kSA

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost?

The cost of website maintenance depends on the type of website which has been created. Small personal blogs may not cost much compared to an e-commerce websites, as e-commerce websites have a lot of things which can be changed/modified. There could be the website which are made for marketing purpose alone whereas there could custom built website which could cost a lot more than even e-commerce websites. Reason is because custom website takes a lot more energy and time, hence they are more

Factors to consider before buying a website maintenance package

Following are some of the many factors one should consider before buying a website maintenance package:

  • Size of the website
  • Goal of the website
  • Customized content (if required)
  • Outdated website
  • Time dedicate for website maintenance
  • Experience with website maintenance
  • Growth of business

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