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UX/UI design is about solving problems, not just creating beautiful interfaces. What is User Experience and why is it so important? Is it how attractive a website or an app looks? Or is it how loaded the website or app is with features and content? Or is it simply the usability? The answer is all of the above and some more.


User experience (UX) is the way a person feels when he interacts with a virtual system like a website, an application, or desktop software – the entire experience of any virtual interaction of a human being. It is important to make a UX-friendly website and/or application so that a user keeps coming back for more importation and spends more time, which in effect increases the overall search ranking.

No longer can you design a static website loaded with good SEOs and expect it to appear at the top of the pages. While content still is highly essential for a good-ranking website, various online reports show that factors that improve UX are increasingly becoming essential for a constant high ranking in search engines.

These factors take into account aspects like website layout and usability – details like how good is the browsing, is the website search effective, is it optimized to adapt to various interfaces, and how fast do the pages load?

For example, Google Chrome measures the number of times and the amount of time a user spends on a website which is likely to be incorporated into rankings decisions. Confusing navigation schemes, disorderly and dense page layouts, and slow-loading pages can impact user experience negatively, meaning lesser people will come to the website, which will impact its overall lower ranking in search.

UX/UI Design services Dubai

We at Redberries regard the following aspects essential to the User experience of designs:

  • Well-laid out content – A clutter-free and well-designed layout for content is one of the most essential things to be taken into account for a good user experience.
  • Responsive interface – easy adaptability to multiple devices such as tabs, mobiles, computers,s, and various web browsers.
  • Images – A picture says a thousand words. Images that correlate to the website are essential since these websites also rank higher in the Image search section.
  • Interactive elements – user-friendly and intuitive design elements like menus and search buttons.
  • Internal links – inter-linking essential content that improves the user’s journey through website material.

Redberries Digital Marketing Riyad, KSA encompasses all these factors of User Experience and many more into all our undertakings – to deliver you a fine product.

Redberries fact file:

85 percent of all UX-related problems can be solved by testing on 5 users.

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