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Advertising can be funny!!! The same strategy can work sometimes for all and none at times.
Are you a start-up and thinking about how to go about promoting your product?


Are you thinking about whether to go for pay-per-click (PPC) Services in KSA or any other strategy?

Have you ever thought about whether advertising would improve your return on investment?
Do you know how to measure the performance of the advertising strategy?
Are you a start-up and worried about exploring new opportunities, optimizing your account,
and in dark about adjusting your ad spends to align your paid-up search goals?

A start-up is still early in the lifecycle of an enterprise where the entrepreneur moves from the idea stage to securing financing, laying down the basic structure of the business, and initiating operations or trading. One of the many problems that a startup face is managing finance and the resultant inefficient advertising strategy can really be painful. If effectively used, PPC can be a powerful game-changing tool for start-ups.

Though the going can be tough for the start-ups as there is too much data available to analyze, and there are so many factors that one needs to consider for building a robust marketing/advertising strategy.

Given the aforesaid complexities, it is important to hire a professional for a customized approach. We at Redberries Digital Marketing Riyad, KSA will help you with the perfect PPC strategy specially drafted for start-ups that would meet your needs, saving you time & money.

Overall benefits that our PPC campaign would provide:

  • Reach your target customer at the right time with the right ad
  • Better pricing strategy
  • Keeping advertising budget under control
  • Better visibility of your products
  • Real time “trackability”
  • Better placement of ads
  • Increase in revenue and return on investment (ROI)
  • Better synergy with other verticals like Search Engine Optimization(SEO), etc.

Redberries fact file:

Spending on PPC Ads rose 12% year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2014