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Google Shopping helps you get your products in front of pre-qualified shoppers.


Google revealed in May 2018 that Google Shopping advertisements accounted for 60% of all AdWords advertising clicks for e-commerce businesses employing both platforms in the previous year.

It is one of the advertising channels offered in Google AdWords. It is a recommended channel for e-commerce firms wanting to boost revenue through better quality search traffic than standard PPC.


Google Shopping Services Bahrain By Redberries
Google Shopping Services Bahrain By Redberries

When a user performs a related search, Google Shopping displays a visual image of the product along with additional product descriptors such as the product title, price, your website URL, and any reviews that your product has had from prior customers who have purchased it. Because of the visual style of the advertisements and the amount of information provided, Google Shopping ads are an excellent approach to ensure that our paid search traffic is more qualified, as people who click through have already seen the item and its price before visiting the website.

This is especially useful for firms operating in a highly competitive market where traditional sponsored search tactics could be prohibitively expensive or for high-end brands with higher product costs that could be a possible barrier to purchase when consumers arrive at the site via text-based advertisements. This also means that Google Shopping has a higher Return on Investment than text advertisements because the consumer sees your products before clicking, which means you don't spend unless they're interested.

Google Shopping listings are administered through the Google Merchant Centre platform via an automatic or manual product feed. This is configured from your website and then optimized before being pulled through to Google AdWords, administered using the same interface as PPC advertising.

Our Google Shopping management service at Red Cow Media primarily focuses on the return on investment from your paid search spending. This is accomplished through a data-driven and revenue-driven strategy to Shopping campaigns, which employs performance measures relevant to your organization. Your Google Shopping campaigns are in excellent hands, thanks to our reputation as one of the UK's most successful e-commerce businesses over the last few years.

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