These are some of the reasons why good web design should be a top priority for E-commerce businesses

A well-designed websiteis essential for any E-commerce business. Consumers must be able to easily navigate a website to find what they are looking for. If customers have a positive experience while using a website, they are more likely to return and purchase again.

The same is true for in-store shopping: if you have difficulty finding what you are looking for, you are unlikely to return. So, whether online or in-store, a great user experience will guide customers smoothly through the shopping process, increasing customer satisfaction, and the company’s revenue.

In this blog, we’ll go over some of the most important aspects of E-commerce web design in Bahrain that ensure online stores are user-friendly, dependable, and retain customers.

1. An intuitive user experience throughout the online shopping experience

It’s as simple as that: a poor user experience prevents visitors from converting. This is why shopping cart abandonment (when visitors leave your site without making a purchase) is one of the most serious issues confronting e-commerce businesses today. Designers work hard to create smooth transitions, such as finding a product, adding it to the cart, and making the purchase.

To simplify the online shopping experience, designers must consider the following factors: accessibility, usability (for example, limiting the number of fields a user must fill out during the checkout process), and conversion without forcing users to commit.

Furthermore, smart product recommendations and personalized content are becoming increasingly popular among e-commerce businesses. Personalization can significantly improve the user experience and, as a result, the conversion rate. When designing user journeys, it is critical to keep this in mind.

2. Design that is responsive

With the rise in online e-commerce traffic via smartphones and tablets, having a consistent experience across multiple devices is critical. Websites that do not provide a mobile-friendly experience are likely to drive away customers and lose out to competitors who may be one step ahead.

Simplified interface design, micro-interactions that improve a user’s experience, image zoom support, content hierarchy, and page loading times are all practices to consider when designing mobile for E-commerce.

3. Simple navigation

A user attempting to purchase from your website should be able to find their desired item immediately. Your site’s navigation must be obvious and organized to direct and assist customers. With prominent categories and sub-categories, the navigation should be easy to find. After all, if a user cannot find an item, they will not purchase it!

A prominent search bar is an important feature that all E-commerce sites with large selections should think about. It enables users to find exactly what they are looking for.

4. A call to action

A call to action (CTA) directs visitors to the next step they should take, and in the world of e-commerce, a well-designed CTA can convert a visitor into a customer.

On the other hand, using a standard CTA may not be the most effective way of capturing users’ attention and encouraging them to take the next step. You want your button to stand out, but it can’t be too ‘aggressive.’ It must be consistent with the rest of the site.

When designing a CTA, keep the following factors in mind: contrasting colors, size, spacing, shape, and effective copywriting. We also recommend testing various CTAs to determine which version performs best with your customers.

5. Product photography of high quality

Because online customers cannot touch products before purchasing them, the best way to showcase a product is through high-quality photography. Customers will understand what you’re selling better if the items are photographed from various angles, realistic settings, and important product details highlighted. The addition of 360-degree product viewers is also a nice touch.

A consistent yet creative approach can go a long way in converting visitors into customers, increasing brand awareness, and allowing people to get an overall “feeling” of your company through the aesthetics of your photographs.

6. Content that is concisely written

Beautiful photography should always be accompanied by descriptive copy that is appropriate and detailed. It will assist customers in better understanding your product. Overcrowding an E-commerce website with copy can make customers feel overwhelmed. Let’s face it: no one wants to read long, boring paragraphs.

Condensing and shortening the copy makes the information easier to digest and encourages visitors to actually read it! Creative copywriting, like photography, can help you better appeal to your potential customers. Make sure the language is appropriate – for example, with younger audiences, a more fun, casual copy can be used.

Finally, there are more than six aspects of E-commerce web design to consider, but these are the most important. Keep in mind that no two E-commerce websites are alike!

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What are Google’s 4 main advertising policy areas?

Google works hard to provide all users with a trustworthy, safe, and secure experience when searching the world’s information.

This means that advertisers or Google Ads specialists in Bahrain who use PPC marketing must adhere to the Google Ads Policy guidelines to ensure that their advertisements are truthful, appropriate, and safe.

  • Advertising on the Google Network is prohibited for certain types of content.
  • Prohibited practices: Things you can’t do if you want to advertise with us
  • Restricted content and features: Content you can advertise, but with limitations
  • Editorial and technical: Quality standards for your ads, websites, and apps

When will the system for enforcing Google Ads be implemented?

Beginning on September 21, 2021, Google Ads’ policy enforcement system will start with the following policies over three months:

  • Enabling dishonest behavior
  • Substances that the authorities have not authorized
  • Weapons, firearms parts, and related merchandise
  • Explosives
  • Weapons of Other Types
  • Tobacco
  • Ads will be informed when Google expands the strike-based system to cover additional advertising guidelines in the future.

How does the Google Ads enforcement system work?

If an advertiser violates any of the above policies, Google will issue a warning to that advertiser.
If there is a violation, Google will notify advertisers via email and a notification in their account.

Google’s Strike-Based Ads Method:

  • If you violate the policy for the first time, you’ll only get a warning.
  • The second time this rule is broken, the advertiser will receive a warning instead of a strike.
  • The second strike is given for the third infraction.
  • The third and final strike will be given for the fourth infraction.
  • Each infraction carries a penalty, and those penalties increase as the infractions accumulate.

What are the repercussions of a policy violation in Google Ads?

Temporary Account Hold: The first and second strikes will result in a brief account hold penalty.

After the first strike, your account will be put on hold for three days.
Strike two results in a seven-day account suspension.

Temporary account holders must correct any violations and resubmit an acknowledgment form before their ads can run again. Ad accounts will be released from temporary account hold once Google receives acknowledgment (once the 3 or 7 days have passed).

The account will be placed on temporary hold if the advertiser does not acknowledge or appeal the strike.

Advertisers have the option to challenge a strike decision. If the appeal is successful, the account will be unblocked, and advertising will resume as normal.

Note: If a strike is not successfully appealed, it will remain on the advertiser’s Google Ads account for 90 days.

Lastly, Account Suspension is the final sanction.

After a third strike, your account will be suspended. This means that advertisers will be unable to run or create any advertisements unless the suspension is overturned.

Account suspensions are tough to overcome, and advertisers should be aware that they will not create new accounts if they are suspended.

You should never have put yourself in that position, to begin with.

What steps can you take to avoid Google Ads Policy Violations?

If you are not certified in Google AdWords, you should avoid using Google PPC advertising on your own.

Look for Google Partners to help you with your project.

To become a Google Partner, a company must have at least half of its AdWords Managers certified and maintain an average ad optimization score of 80%.

These firms are well-versed in Google Ad policies, violations, and consequences, so no one else can manage your ads better.

If you want to see a return on your Google Ads investment (ROI), leave it to the experts.

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Ways to Avoid Major Mistakes in Website Structure

Often website owners lose focus on website structure and concentrate on optimizing their website content. One should realize that site optimization starts with the site structure. Focusing on optimizing the content on websites with poor-quality site structure is similar to building a house on the sand rather than rock.
Building a site structure might be comfortable at the beginning compared to maintaining a proper site structure which gets difficult later on. The site created is for the consumers rather than the ones who created it. Hence it is better to avoid crucial site structure errors.

This will cost to fix them in the later years. Below are useful ways to avoid blunders in your website structure.

Not linking your main articles

If you do not want Google to regard your main articles as less important, and rank them poorly, you should ensure that your important articles should be visible and easily fetched by search engines. Some people make the biggest site structure mistake by forgetting to link to the main articles. If an article receives only a few internal links, search engines will have a more difficult time fetching it and valuing it. Connect the main article links to other blog posts or related topics.

Make sure these main articles are visible and easy to find for your consumers. It should be possible for the consumer to navigate to your main articles in just a maximum of two clicks from the homepage.

Not using breadcrumbs

A big mistake when it comes to site structure is that many people do not use breadcrumbs. Following are the advantage of using breadcrumbs:
– Breadcrumbs show how a page fits into the website’s structure
– It helps users to navigate through the website easily
– It helps search engines determine the structure of the website
To add breadcrumbs to your site. There is a breadcrumb plugin for WordPress.

Not splitting the categories

All the categories should be similar in size. Sometimes one category can slowly grow much larger than the rest. It gets hard ranking with blog posts when they’re part of a very large category. Check the size of your categories regularly so that you can split them.

Avoid too many tags

Ensure to connect each post with the right tag that you have created. Restrict multiple unique tags (s). When you add tags posts don’t become linked. You can ensure that tags are not used more than once or twice.

Failing to visualize your site structure

Do not fail to visualize the site’s structure. Visitors would appreciate it when they can navigate by themselves through the site with ease. The categories of your site or blog should be on the menu on your homepage. Don’t let your menu be cluttered. Provide a clear overview of the menu. The menu helps visitors understand how your website is structured hence spend some time optimizing your menu.

Missing to link the underlying pages

Get the direct link to all your pages which is kind of the hierarchical post. This creates different levels in your pages. That is, it creates a parent page on top, followed by child pages. Ensure to link your underlying child pages to a parent page. This helps users navigate through the site.

Fix it right away

When it comes to SEO strategy, the site structure is an essential aspect. Google or any search engine can find out the most important articles of your website by the structure of the website.

Work with an Expert

You can save a lot of stress and be confident.

Define Your Needs

Have specific needs while working on the site structure. This will help you define the goals of the website.

Focus on Your Visitors

The website is to be customized for the users and not for the developers.

Optimize Your Content

Everything on your website including the images and content should be optimized.

Pay Attention to Essential Features:

The following should be the primary focus.
● Loading speed
● Page length
● Graphics
● Image size and
● Overall dimension

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Some developers confuse mistakes for impressive features. These mistakes include;
● Avoid hiding your main content
● By using too many tags and not the essential ones
● Avoiding too many calls to action
● Not providing ease of navigation to the website
● Usage of low-quality images for the websites
● Starting a website without optimizing the site structure or the site content
● Poor loading speed of the website


A site structure can be like the foundation of a website. The entire website may get affected if you make a mistake in your site structure. Fixing these mistakes might cost more resources, time, and energy hence you should create a way in which the site structure is maintained well from the beginning.

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Various Types of Video Content for Social Media

In 2021, users prefer to watch video content more than any other medium.

Since the last couple of years, content marketing has become very popular and has seen a huge shift with video content being the most preferred option. It is the best way to connect and associate with the target audience.

Yet, many companies do not prefer to opt for video content marketing. Rather, they prefer blogs and case studies as it is quite difficult to create fresh and engaging video content on a regular basis. We provide engaging social media marketing strategies that include video content marketing in Bahrainto take your business to new heights.

This article will focus on various kinds of video marketing content and how it can be used to create brand awareness and influence the audience.

1) Vlog

Blogs are always great but vlogs or video content is much better as it’s more engaging for the audience.The majority of the companies heavily invest in the initial set of videos but then eventually stop producing more video content, assuming it is draining their budget.That’s where vlogs come in as a cost-effective approach that is easy to create and shoot. It also engages with the target audience to build a unique brand image.

2) Interview/Q&A

Interview videos are the best way to build and develop the brand because:
● It syncs the brand with a leader or an inspiring personality
● It helps in developing authority with efforts from a well-known person
● It gives a one on one experience to its audience as they get the answers to their queries

An ideal interview should be natural and not feel like it’s scripted. However, it should follow a set of rules and guidelines where the main aim should be to get out more detailed and less known facts about the person being interviewed as it makes the content more engaging.

Your content marketing gets driven from the information gained from these interview videos and with more and more similar content, it can help to gain more credibility and can also increase the reach of your content.

3) Webinar

Webinars are a great way to provide advice and educate the audience or viewers. Most people attend webinars to learn something from them. Different types of webinar topics can include FAQs, product reviews, roundtable discussions, etc.

Also, webinars can be marketed through paid ads where people sign up for it through ads and this can bring traffic and generate leads.

It’s not necessary to create webinars on a daily basis compared to other video content forms. A weekly or monthly webinar is more than sufficient to generate a good amount of quality leads.

4) Presentation

In the last few years, Ted Talks have been the most popular source for speeches and presentations. Speakers speak on several topics and at the same time, provides a platform with global reach to express their views and opinions.

A presentation gives a more convincing and sharable video content. Companies can give such presentations at small events or network groups and then share the video to their audience online to create awareness about it.

5) Tutorial/How-To

Video content is the way forward in current times and we have seen many unfamiliar faces appearing on OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime and achieving fame. Millennials love watching videos and they value the content being provided.

It is important to understand the audience’s taste and preferences and what they would love watching. Tutorials or How-to videos work as it helps the audience to learn something new or ease their process.

Such quality content of videos helps to build trust which can lead to an increase in conversions for your brand, should the content be relatable.

6) Product Review

A product review video is a great content source for people and consumers especially those who are in considering to purchase from you and looking for expert opinions about the product. But in order for the review to gain traction, there should already be a follower base established on the platform so as to reach the masses.

7) Live Streaming

Live streaming videos is another popular and upcoming video marketing content method and this has seen the rise in user base on the Facebook live platform.

Live videos have a magnetic nature and also it has a FOMO aspect attached to them as these types of videos build up suspense and the audience is eager to know what will happen next, which builds curiosity among them.

Live videos can cover events such as product launches, Q&A Forums, behind-the-scenes look, and much more and this makes the audience feel they are present at the event and builds a real-time community interaction.


Based on the different types of video content options as seen above, a company needs to prepare a proper video marketing strategy. By understanding the brand, its goals, and what the audience wants – a video content strategy should be created.
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Top Trends in Mobile App Development in 2021

Smartphones have been dubbed as the single most pivotal point in the history of technology and have greatly affected app development company in Bahrain. Each development has been an upgrade for mobile app development Bahrain. Apps have made phones a constant companion and consequently lead to a big boost in the mobile application development Bahrain industry.

To keep on top of the game, the best mobile app development company in Bahrain strives to keep up with all popular trends. As the world changes and our dependence on mobile app development company in Bahrain increases, there is a lot to excite our imagination.

Some of the top trends of the year are as follows-

Internet of Things (IoT)

Affecting nearly every aspect of daily life, the internet of things has received a lot of positive reviews from users. Touching everything from connected appliances, home security systems, and wireless inventory trackers, the internet of things has taken over. The future trends predicted are-

  • Smart Homes and Cities
  • Smart and Self Driving
  • AI-powered IoT Devices
  • IoT in Healthcare

5G Mobile Internet Network

The connectivity technology has only climbed higher with faster speeds and better features with each scale-up. Theis speed has ushered in an era of high velocity streaming in 4K quality and management of VR and AR 3D Objects. Computed impact include-

  • Cloud Computing
  • Driverless Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Voice search, face unlock, voice translations, user predictions, etc are big examples of artificial intelligence taking over. The future of AI looks like-

  • Tactic Image Recognition, Classification, and Tagging
  • Algorithmic Strategy and Performance improving Score
  • Predictive maintenance mechanism
  • Content allocation on social media
  • Object identification
  • Automated geophysical feature identification

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR have genuinely impacted industries like healthcare, tourism, education, e-commerce, and all with added features like motion tracking, people occlusion, etc. Gadgets that support these have already landed in the markets like the Hololens, Oculus Go, etc. Future trends of AR and VR look like-

  • AR-based virtual user manual
  • Virtual training simulation
  • Explorative Activities
  • Live music festivals and concerts
  • Destination Navigators
  • Visual Learning

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Apps are designed by companies especially to cater to the employees of the organization. It is the space where activities and functions are organized and is now a massive trend on the global platform. As employees access the apps, the company makes more profits.

Apart from facilitating internal communication and management, the employee satisfaction score and productivity have also seen a spike.

Beacon Technology

Developed with an improved shopping experience in mind, the beacon technology is all about using mobile apps to direct you to the store that is selling the product you seek at the price you are comfortable with. It accumulates the info from all stores in the proximity and then accesses the cookie data on your apps to corroborate and point to the place where you can actually buy the product. The utility of beacon Technology has been seen in-

  • Healthcare industry
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Powered Mobile Payment
  • Physical games

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Site performance is about to become more important for search rankings

According to StatCounter, a web traffic analysis website, Google has overwhelming dominance as a search engine. It has 81 percent market share on desktop devices and 94 percent on mobile. Appearing high up on search results is vital for businesses, so websites are always anxious to maintain and improve their Google search rankings.

In May, last year. Google had announced that the next upcoming change in 2021 will have to do with site performance — how quickly a page loads in the browser after a user navigates to the site.

It’s been a big factor for some time, in part because mobile usage has exploded. Hence it as a priority in terms of Google’s algorithm.

Google’s announcement about its upcoming search ranking update spotlighted Core Web Vitals. It is a collection of metrics to quantify the “user experience” factor of a website

The first metric calculates how long it takes the website to load its largest visible piece of content, such as an image, video or large block of text.
The second criteria measures how quickly a website becomes responsive once the user navigates to it.

The third metric is on how much a website’s layout shifts during the page loading process. This problem, known as “cumulative layout shift,” is what causes the frustrating experience of having the text you were reading suddenly shift out of view.

Page performance is going to be increasingly important for determining search rank in the future

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Ruby on Rails for Web app Development in Bahrain

The greatest challenge for business owners is choosing a framework allows flawless web app development. Ruby on Rails helps you create good and powerful web apps. Like every other frame work Ruby on rails has its own advantages and disadvantages too.

In simple words Ruby is a programming language and Ruby on Rails is a development framework that aids web app creation. Being an end to end framework, RoR clubs with many features like ORM (objective relational mapping) system for business data and application management.

Advantages of RoR:

Reusability of code:

Rails is written in Ruby, but gives you a lot of reusable pieces to help you build a web site or application much faster and more easily, pieces you don’t have to write yourself, and can simply configure and use for your project. Furthermore, they are pieces that have been very thoroughly tested, so they are much more robust than if you wrote them yourself.

RoR succeeds this with the help of MVC which helps reuse code and also work on parallel development.

The three parts of a software: Model, view, controller, that are decoupled – helps the app developers to work on different aspects of the application at the same time. It makes app creation super-efficient.

The user makes a request to the controller and then the controller communicates with the model, where the change takes place. Further the model rebuts the information back to the controller. The controller then takes it to the user. Reusable code and parallel developments are major time savers.

Convention over Configuration:

RoR focuses on their principle of Convention over Configuration. It simply means that RoR comes with Pre-coded features that allow the developer to either choose to adopt or ignore them.

The developers needn’t configure from scratch. The main benefit of conventions over conventions are flexibility.

Don’t repeat yourself:

The major pillar of Ruby on Rails is DRY (Don’t repeat yourself). It makes sure that the concerns are clear and the application is well maintained.

Learning ease:

The program has an ease of use. Built with simple language instructions RoR helps the user understand and learn the program easily.

Technical Flexibility:

As the program had pre-built feature in convention over configuration the development of app is a easy work.


The community of Rails is very supportive and open with great interaction. Being configured apps they can integrate into the application easily. With great community support developing your application with a Ruby on Rails developer will be easy.

Advantages of learning Ruby on Rails:

  • Basically, RoR is used for a speedy development of web apps
  • Based on a hiring perspective, a startup can understand that, if a developer is using RoR, they are assumed to be keeners who are interested in development of skills and contribute to open source projects. This aspect of web app development is considered to be the personality type that is a good cultural fit for many startup companies.
  • To build a high scalable website, the RoR developers are profoundly aware of full-stack development practices.
  • On a regular basis, the caching, worker queues, thread and process management, proxy configuration, redundancy and monitoring are discussed.
  • One of the major reasons why it is popular amidst the start ups is that, it is free and easily available for people to use.
  • As it uses “Convention over Configuration”, using the framework is usually very faster to bootstrap web applications.
  • A web application that is built with RoR is ordered in a sequential manner and also has basic divisions between the layers of models, controllers, defined routes and bound views within the framework.

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Product Listing Ads (PLA’S) – An Undisputed Brand Advantage

Product listing ads or Google display ads have brought the much-needed limelight to the products for sale on e-commerce. It has brought a favorable vantage point to many e-commerce retailers in the UAE to try and expand their market base via digital selling. By placing the product in the most coveted ‘top’ spot of a search engine result, Product display or Google shopping ad is boosting the thriving e-commerce sector. The informative way with which it displays photos of products derives more clicks, secures engagement, and accelerates e-tailers’ business.

According to WebFx, visitors who could see the product right at the formidable top spot of a SERP clicked on it were 50% more likely to make a purchase. But why product listing ads are a better alternative to boost sales and conversions.

There are different reasons why product listing ads rule the search engines. Here are few such reasons ruled out by professionals in digital marketing Bahrain that make product listing ads a sure-shot success.

1. Informative and interesting way to showcase product

Product listing ads appear whenever someone searches for a product in need. It bridges the gap between the prospect and the company advertising a product. A great product image, a compelling product description, authentic reviews, and price rule a search engine result page and make the advertising more effective, unlike its counterparts.

2. More engaging user experience

All the essentials of a product are placed in a concise and presentable form which gives it enhanced visibility amid the target audience. At a single click, a visitor can find all he needs and even convert into a customer. These ads secure higher click-through and conversion rates than text-rich ads. This increases the probability of a visitor engaging more with the brand by visiting a website or downloading a mobile application. These ads can also facilitate the sales funnel journey in a cohesive format.

3. Seeing is believing

The human eye and brain catch visuals before the text. So, in an instant, a product related to the search comes in front of the eyes, attracts the buyer’s attention, and results in a positive click-through rate. High-quality images placed strategically on the SERP secure better engagement and click-through rates than text ads.

4. Undisputed placement of the product

Being on top of search engines might look like a daunting task in the organic SEO process. Many SEO professionals work 24×7 to achieve the organic top-ranking spot. Google shopping ads enable marketers to secure seamless product placement on the top of the search engine result page, making Product Display Ad a clear-cut winner over its counterparts.

5. Automated match of product to meet user searches

Since user searches are dynamic in real-time, the Search Engines implement their automated intelligence to match the product with the user-initiated search. The exact results on any search query help e-commerce vendors secure authentic leads and conversions.

6. Advanced RoI tracking

Google Shopping / Product Display Ads have enabled marketers to mince the data and analyze the ad performance dynamically. The digital advertising experts can drill down the performance in real-time through quick insights and adapt to the market need accordingly.

After understanding the relevance of Product Listing Ads, we can easily say that these online display tools have given new exposure to the e-commerce industry in the UAE. With these advancements, marketers can promote their products, services, and solutions among their prospects, expand their markets, and monetize digital marketing for online selling.

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PPC Testing: Getting started

Testing and learning are essential for improving account performance and developing valuable business insights. As a result, it is critical to test elements of your campaigns regularly to ensure consistent results.

This blog will discuss four critical aspects of testing that are critical for producing actionable results for your startup.

Design of Tests

The first step is to create a practice test. We will decide what and how it will be tested here. Most of the time, you’ll be testing one or more of the following elements via a variety of channels:

Landing pages for the ad content

The creative or text-based elements that comprise an advertisement are referred to as ad content. On social and display channels, this will include video or image-based creatives and the copy that goes with the ad. This refers to the active copy in Search ad content.

Finally, you can test the effectiveness of landing pages using our PPC campaigns and ads. Calls to Action (CTAs), lead forms, and page layouts are worth testing and refining.

You can run practical tests on these elements with actionable results if you have astute PPC testing in place. You must isolate those elements while making as few changes to the surrounding elements as possible to accomplish this.

This allows for clearer results, indicating that changes to the test elements influenced performance. This removes the guesswork from testing and optimization, allowing you to provide statistically significant impacts to your startup.

The Goals

Before embarking on a new test, it is critical to understand the testing objective, a component of the test design. The objective establishes the rules of a trial and is the point at which results are determined.

Your priority as a startup or scaleup should always be to look at lower-funnel objectives as a success metric. These would frequently take the form of a Sales qualified lead for a B2B goal or a new customer sale for a B2C goal.

It is important to note that while testing CTRs or engagements can be useful metrics, they do not always translate to lower-funnel actions and can be misleading in terms of understanding what drives revenue and purchases.

Analyze the Results

You can begin analyzing the results after a test has been active in driving traffic and conversions. At this point, you’ll want to calculate the number of lower funnel conversions resulting from the number of clicks on each testing variable.

You can determine which variations have the highest CVRs by running a few calculations on this data (conversion rates). This, in turn, will determine which is the most effective and thus the winner.

Where volume permits, it is critical to look for statistical significance in your results so that you can be certain of the winner.

Taking Action on the Results

The post-testing procedure is frequently overlooked. It is critical at this point to act based on the test results. The variant that is deemed successful will be kept active in the account, regardless of whether it is creative, copy, targeting, or landing page elements.

Make sure to share the test results with the rest of the business team for added value. For example, sales teams can frequently use ad copy insights to improve their positions when engaging with new leads.

Finally, PPC testing is an essential component of any startup’s PPC strategy. To achieve complete visibility and increased control over interactions with your target audience, you must constantly learn and optimize your strategy. This will improve your strategy and make it more engaging for your leads.

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Paid Search for Small Businesses: Is it worth?

PPC was once ideal for small businesses. It enabled them to compete with far larger players and budgets. However, it appears that PPC is becoming more competitive year after year, with click prices rising and paid search in general becoming more complicated.

Google Ads makes it simple to get started with PPC and start paying Google.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s very easy to spend your entire budget and receive very little in return. This can be especially difficult for small businesses, which frequently have much smaller budgets than the big players.

A large company can invest more money in testing and learning to determine what works best for them. If a company discovers that paid search advertising isn’t working for them, they can easily experiment with a different PPC strategy.

Small businesses do not always have this luxury. They do not have the budget to test and learn, whether due to budget constraints or other factors. They must get things right the first time.

What exactly is PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a common abbreviation for Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. It is a type of digital marketing in which the advertiser only pays when their advertisement is clicked.

Advertisers can use PPC marketing to place ads on search engines, third-party sites such as blogs, news sites, social media platforms, mobile apps, and video streaming sites, to name a few.

A marketer is typically required to provide three types of information for a PPC campaign. The following are the types of information required.

Criteria for keywords/audience

The advertiser would specify who they wanted to see their ads in front of. This can include people who are looking for a specific keyword or people who fall into a specific demographic.

Copy for advertisements

The ad copy could be text, an image, a video, or a combination of an image and text, depending on the campaign type.


It is necessary to establish a maximum budget and the maximum amount that the advertiser is willing to pay for a click. The larger the budget, the more clicks the advertiser can purchase.

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