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Consumers do not despise advertisements. They hate irrelevant advertisements.


According to HubSpot, 77% of people would like to filter advertising rather than entirely block them. Remarketing allows you to accomplish just that by displaying customized adverts to people who you know are interested in your products and services.


What exactly is remarketing?

Marketing that is most efficient and effective tends to target interested parties. In a nutshell, it is the promise of remarketing.

TARGET PREVIOUS VISITORS: Remarketing allows you to show targeted advertising to specifically interested individuals - people who have previously visited your site or looked for your items. Your advertising will appear on news websites, within mobile applications, and before YouTube videos, bringing your products and services to the attention of customers who have already entered the sales funnel and luring them back to your website to make a purchase.

Re-engage and convert: The internet is a volatile environment. We spend hours perusing products and comparing pricing, and only 2% of us purchase on our first visit to a website. It may take a few stops and views for the other 98 percent to decide to buy. Remarketing is a technique for re-engaging infrequent consumers who would otherwise slip through the cracks.

What is the process of remarketing?

How exactly do you identify and target prior site visitors? Let's look at the Google Display Network, which reaches 92 percent of all internet users.

Install a pixel: If you already use Google to advertise, the first step is to upload a simple piece of code called a tag or pixel to your website. This uses cookies to identify unique website users and place them in retargeting categories based on the products they would be interested in.

Focus your efforts: You may start your first remarketing campaign by targeting all visitors to your homepage. Trial and error and A/B testing will allow you to gradually focus on more specific audiences with highly customized marketing materials, enhancing campaign success and cutting cost per click!

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Why do you do remarketing?

There are numerous reasons to remarket. Perhaps the stats tell the best narrative.

IT IS DESIRED BY CUSTOMERS: It may seem strange to assume that a consumer would appreciate being advertised, yet this is almost always the case with remarketing. 30 percent of customers have a 'positive' or very favorable' attitude toward remarketed commercials, while only 11 percent have a negative attitude toward them. What's not to enjoy when it shows you more of what you want?

HOW IT WORKS: Website visitors who have been retargeted are 43 percent more likely to convert. A remarketed ad has a 10x greater click-through rate (CTR) than a conventional display ad. Despite these statistics, 46% of search engine marketing professionals say remarketing is the most underutilized digital marketing tactic. The chance is yours to seize.

How much does it cost?

Because remarketing costs can vary, it's critical to understand the aspects at play to determine whether it's the best strategy for you.

COST PER CLICK: Like other forms of online advertising, Remarketing operates on a cost-per-click basis - you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. The price range is typically NZD KWD 0.15 To KWD 1.51. However, it can vary substantially. Remarketing advertising is often more expensive than standard display and search ads, though this is not always the case, especially in competitive industries.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT: While the cost per click may be higher, the fact that remarketed advertising can have a CTR that is 10x higher than conventional advertisements implies that the ROI of remarketing can be amazing. It is the consequence of advertising directly to knowledgeable customers about a desired product or service in a way that speaks to them.

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How Redberries Retargeting can help you

Increase your sales while being profitable.

Deliver the appropriate ad at the appropriate point in the shopper’s journey. The Redberries AI Engine can see shoppers’ engagement and power product recommendations in your advertising thanks to a custom piece of code installed on your site.

Engage customers with high-quality publishers.

Gain access to the most effective ad inventory available. You obtain better positions across major sites because we have thousands of the world’s top publishers in our open network.

Bring back shoppers who want to buy

Increase sales from website visitors who depart without completing a purchase. Personalized offers sent at the right time and in the right style can entice this pool of customers to return.

Increase your budget’s effectiveness

Set bids based on the value of each consumer to you. Predictive bidding technology reliably estimates each shopper’s engagement, conversion, and basket value to make the most of every Kuwaiti dinar.


Accelerate conversions across all channels.
With Redberries Retargeting, you may increase sales or signups and get a positive return on ad spend (ROAS).

Personal video adverts can be used to retarget customers

Reach out to customers on a large scale with captivating video ads made on-demand to promote your items throughout the web.

Machine learning should be used to optimize continuously

Our machine-learning technology is constantly working to improve the performance of each campaign.

Assist customers in locating products they haven’t seen before

Frequently, the item purchased is not what the consumer was looking for in the first place. Our engine can forecast items of interest and recommend goods that customers may be interested in.

Increase your customer base

Through our direct relationships with thousands of publishers, we can provide you with maximum reach and premium visibility across web, mobile, and social, as well as video and display inventory.

Connect with customers on several platforms

Using insights from our pooled data and the 2.5 billion shoppers we see each month, engage with every shopper seamlessly across devices, apps, and the web.

Adapt messaging to be as relevant as possible

Utilize our machine learning to tailor every aspect of your advertisements and create experiences that convert more shoppers into purchasers. DCO+ enables you to deliver on-brand creative that achieves results.

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