What’s so special about Dubai Font

Dubai Font
Dubai Font

Dubai font is a sans-serif font. Sans Serif fonts are the ones like Arial and Helvetica. The serif fonts being Time Roman or Garamond kind. Dubai font is a ‘safe to use’ font face, meaning it’s easily readable, legible and looks good both in print and digitally. We can call it as a neutral font that can go along other fonts when used in combination. The option to choose 4 font weights gives the user more flexibility in using the font. When you want to say it bold, use the bold letters. For very subtle statements, go for the light version. The regular is for all that regular stuff and medium when you want to stress a point a bit.

If you thought, there is nothing too fancy about with Dubai Font, hold on. The big advantage of the font is that it is not bound by a license.

You are free to use the Dubai font on any projects – personal or business. When something that cool comes free, who can ignore it?


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