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Imagine going to a library that houses more than 10,000 books, wouldn’t you be excited about that! What if all these books were stored in one massive heap, would it even be useful to have such an enormous collection, absolutely not! While it is essential to have a web presence, an intelligent web design is as essential to make your website meaningful.

One might be tempted to think of website design as being concerned with visual aspects of a website, however planning and creation of visual elements is only a part of website designing.

Website designing, or web designing, in its totality comprises of a number of aspects:

  • Site structure
  • Information flow
  • User experience/user interface design
  • Navigation ergonomics
  • Design elements such as layout, colour schemes, iconography


A website is one of the primary modes of communication today and says a lot about your organization. A cluttered news website can turn away a number of readers and even tarnish reputation. A bad experience on an e-commerce site can result in lost sales and deliver customers right to your competitor’s lap. Even an internal site created as an information directory will not find acceptance amongst employees if the design is poor.

Redberries’expertise in web design ensures a compelling and engaging experience in every site visit:

  • Improved usability leading to increase in attention span and repeat visits
  • Enabling the website to be a strong tool for branding
  • Showcasing the professional intent and sending the right message
  • Simplifying access to information


Decisions about web design include considerations about the intent of the website, the functions it is supposed to perform, the intended audience and the amount of expected traffic. Redberries design solutions are geared to formulate the right web design framework in accordance with requirements specific to your business.

Website Design Company Dubai UAE-Redberries

Providing Website Solutions That Achieve High ROI.

We at Red Berries provide a wide range of web development services which grows your business by increasing leads and delivering high search engine rankings. We understand the importance of delivering results which gives an effective Return on Investment (ROI). Therefore our team keeps monitoring website performance and keep optimizing it accordingly.

We use a variety of web development and e-commerce applications to implement a web solution which is tailor-made to your needs. We won’t use any tool which doesn’t match with your specifications. We maintain high standards by updating your website with the latest coding standards and working with updated technological tools. We create web solutions which are reliable, adaptive and highly ranked on search engines.

Different devices, methods, practices have come and gone over the years in the digital world. We have faced various changes over the period of time. Yet, we have stormed through it all, time after time, and pride ourselves in overcoming them. We have implemented extensive solutions for all our clients. This has been possible because of the experience and knowledge our team has. Their expertise has led us to follow best practices and implement them effectively for our clients.

Each business and industry is different. Knowing that we deliver customized solutions and never suggested anything which does not suit your standards. Our aim is always to deliver nothing but the best possible solution for your business by following the best industry practices. We also ensure to align our solutions with your long-term business vision.

Our team understands the importance of data. We gather all the evidence and create design solutions based on given information. This helps your business to stay ahead of your competitors by adapting to industry trends before anyone else can. We ensure to develop a dynamic and adaptive website which can meet the requirements of the ever-changing digital landscape.

E-commerce Websites

Our team at Red Berries is highly skilled and experienced in developing e-commerce solution of all kinds. Our web solutions don’t only grow your business but also are adaptive to future expansions. Irrespective of whether you need to update an existing website or create a new one, our team has the right solution for you. Content management, web-based application, software development, we’ve got it all covered for you.

We strongly believe in the mobile first approach when it comes to website designing. We also keep in mind the user journey and user accessibility. This helps us to design the site
accordingly. We also provide customized shopping carts and a wide range of pre-formed platforms. Powerful merchandising, targeted audience, advanced filtering, unlimited storage, secure hosting are many other features provided while developing an e-commerce website.

Quick Completion

We design and develop solutions within the given deadlines to ensure no operation losses are incurred. Irrespective of whether the project starts on short notice or is pre-planned, our team can adapt to any situation and design solution as per your needs.

Website Maintenance

Launched a website? Great. But that’s not enough! Timely maintenance of the website is crucial to stay ahead in your industry. By adding new content to the page or implementing the latest security updates, it’s important for your business to maintain the website. It also helps your business stand out of the crowd as your website is updated with the latest technological tools and information. This improves website performance, leading to higher search engine rankings.

Website Software

Our team specializes in designing mobile-friendly websites. By designing a mobile-friendly website, we instantly reach a larger audience size as most of the potential customers browse websites on the go. We also listen to customer feedback and interact with them to increase two-way communication. We implement a website solution which doesn’t only look aesthetic but also increase leads and conversion for your business.

Content Management Systems

We implement easy-to-use Content Management Systems (CMS) which are designed in such a way that they can be modified without any having any prior technical knowledge.
You will have complete control over the CMS and make changes as and when you see fit. There are many options to choose from to implement an ideal CMS. Our team ensures that an ideal platform is chosen to meet all your requirements.

Web Design Agency

As the digital ecosystem changes, website designs get outdated with time and a new trend kicks off. We can help your website to transition from your current theme to a modern design, seamlessly. Let our creative department put their thinking cap on and work their magic!

Redberries FactFile:

75% of web users form an opinion about the organization based on it’s website’s design. Let the book have the cover it deserves with Redberries web design.