Seven Types of Video Content for Social Media

Since the last couple of years, content marketing has become very popular and has seen a huge shift with video content being the most preferred option. It is the best way to connect and associate with the target audience.

Yet, many companies do not prefer to opt for video content marketing. Rather, they prefer blogs and case studies as it is quite difficult to create fresh and engaging video content on a regular basis. We provide engaging social media marketing strategies that include video content to take your business to new heights.

This article will focus on various kinds of video marketing content and how it can be used to create brand awareness and influence the audience.

1) Vlog

Blogs are always great but vlogs or video content is much better as it’s more engaging for the audience.
The majority of the companies heavily invest in the initial set of videos but then eventually stop producing more video content, assuming it is draining their budget.
That’s where vlogs come in as a cost-effective approach that is easy to create and shoot. It also engages with the target audience to build a unique brand image.

2) Interview/Q&A

Interview videos are the best way to build and develop the brand because:
● It syncs the brand with a leader or an inspiring personality
● It helps in developing authority with efforts from a well-known person
● It gives a one on one experience to its audience as they get the answers to their queries

An ideal interview should be natural and not feel like it’s scripted. However, it should follow a set of rules and guidelines where the main aim should be to get out more detailed and less known facts about the person being interviewed as it makes the content more engaging.

Your content marketing gets driven by the information gained from these interview videos and with more and more similar content, it can help to gain more credibility and can also increase the reach of your content.

3) Webinar

Webinars are a great way to provide advice and educate the audience or viewers. Most people attend webinars to learn something from them. Different types of webinar topics can include FAQs, product reviews, roundtable discussions, etc.

Also, webinars can be marketed through paid ads where people sign up for it through ads and this can bring traffic and generate leads.
It’s not necessary to create webinars on a daily basis compared to other video content forms. A weekly or monthly webinar is more than sufficient to generate a good amount of quality leads.

4) Presentation

In the last few years, Ted Talks have been the most popular source for speeches and presentations. Speakers speak on several topics and at the same time, provide a platform with a global reach to express their views and opinions.

A presentation gives more convincing and sharable video content. Companies can give such presentations at small events or network groups and then share the video to their audience online to create awareness about it.

5) Tutorial/How-To

Video content is the way forward in current times and we have seen many unfamiliar faces appearing on OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon and achieving fame. Millennials love watching videos and they value the content being provided.

It is important to understand the audience’s taste and preferences and what they would love to watch. Tutorials or How-to videos work as it helps the audience to learn something new or ease their process.

Such quality content of videos helps to build trust which can lead to an increase in conversions for your brand, should the content be relatable.

6) Product Review

A product review video is a great content source for people and consumers especially those who are in considering purchasing from you and looking for expert opinions about the product. But in order for the review to gain traction, there should already be a follower base established on the platform so as to reach the masses.

7) Live Streaming

Live streaming videos is another popular and upcoming video marketing content method and this has seen the rise in user base on the Facebook live platform.
Live videos have a magnetic nature and also it has a FOMO aspect attached to them as these types of videos build up suspense and the audience is eager to know what will happen next, which builds curiosity among them.

Live videos can cover events such as product launches, Q&A Forums, behind-the-scenes looks, and much more and this makes the audience feel they are present at the event and builds a real-time community interaction.


Based on the different types of video content options as seen above, an agency/brand needs to prepare a video content strategy after understanding the brand, its goals, and what the audience wants.

5 Trends To Watch Out For in The Social Media Space, This Year!

The Social Media space has been changing with every passing year in terms of the number of applications, platforms, the way consumers use and interact, and the way information is shared. Due to new technologies coming in, there is an immense number of tools being developed in the Social Media trends to attract the audience and keep them engaged. Companies through Social Media are trying to reach the audience and trying to bring them authentic information to build trust and connect with them. Companies are trying to monitor and understand the media consumption habits of the customers which are changing with changing time.

It is very important for Digital Marketers to stay abreast with the trends for 2019 which are expected to be popular this year.

Here are the 5 trends for 2019 which are expected to be huge in Social Media Marketing.

1. It’s all about what you see

Video content is going to be more powerful in 2019. As per an industry expert, 80% of the content we consume is video hence Marketers could concentrate on generating more original content. YouTube as a platform continues to thrive as more and more YouTubers are joining in and making incredible content to keep the audience engaged. The Live videos seem to gain popularity through YouTube, Facebook and now Instagram. Brands can utilize the feature to stay up in the feeds of their customers.

2. Content remains the King

The quality of the content is the key and will continue to stay one in 2019. It is important for the brands to concentrate on the content which they are putting up on the Social Media platforms.
Content is what the audience interact with and trusts the brand if the content is good. Content creators are continuously struggling with the challenges like repetitive content, irrelevant content hence it is important that brands come out with original and relevant content and personalize it as per the target audience to stay relevant in the business.

3. Personalization

It is expected that in 2019, the business which use personalization to enhance the customer experience as one of their main strategies are likely to succeed. There is abundance of information available online but due to social media platforms, it is easy for the brands to identify and target their audience with targeted offers. Personalized emails are another way brands are trying to use the power of technology and information to make the experience for the customers to be more personal.

4. Social Listening

It is crucial for the brands to know what the customers must say about their brands. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are some of the ways the customers voice out their opinions about their experiences with the brands, it could be good or bad. Brads need to be aware of what is being said by the people online. Various Social listening tools are out in the market which are trying to gauge customers’ opinions about the brands and helping brand to correct or align their strategies accordingly.

5. Chatbots

With the advent of Artificial intelligence, the Chatbots have come in the scene are going to grow more in 2019.Facebook, Amazon and Google are already using Chatbots on their platforms and have been prompt in adopting the AI to enhance the customer experience. Millennials seem to be adapting to the changing technology at a faster pace so the brands which aim to target them must be using AI to stay in the game. IT is predicted that by 2020, 85% of the interactions will be through Chatbots.

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How to Advertising on Instagram: 10 Instagram Methods

Are you regularly using new tools and tactics for your InstagramAdvertising?Instagram keeps rolling out new features that helps improve your brands performance, a way of sharing information to increase visibility and leads – from the use of hashtags, links in bios, to highlighting stories, and more.

Below, is a list of tactics for you to learn How to Advertising on Instagram

keep your account up-to-date with the latest features and increase not only performance and visibility, as well as create leads.

1. Feature your Product with Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is a great way to launch a product awareness campaign – you can explain what your product is, or its material, even its benefits through a series of stories one after another featuring simple points.

Don’t use your Instagram Stories to launch a brand awareness campaign, as most of the users viewing your stories are people who are already following you.

2. Provide Brand-Relevant Information

A second tactic that you should use - is to educate your audience. All educational campaigns should be related to your brand, and centralize back to your product or brand values. For example, provide tips of the benefits of your product(s), facts relevant to your brand or deliverables in your brand/product(s).

3. Conduct a Q&A

Hand over your Instagram account to an Influencer or even Employee(s) to take over the Instagram stories. Create a question or theme for them to ask the users to participate in. You can do this once a week depending on the relevance of the Q&A and time frame.

4. Use Instagram Highlights to the Fullest

Hand over your Instagram account to an Influencer or even Employee(s) to take over the Instagram stories. Create a question or theme for them to ask the users to participate in. You can do this once a week depending on the relevance of the Q&A and time frame.

5. Early Feedback is Important

Hand over your Instagram account to an Influencer or even Employee(s) to take over the Instagram stories. Create a question or theme for them to ask the users to participate in. You can do this once a week depending on the relevance of the Q&A and time frame.

6. Use Snippets of your Music/Sound

Take advantage of your brands music and sound background that is used for your TV and radio commercials. Using it as your background music in video posts will not only attract attention, but over time they will instantly know the brand when hearing the first second of the post/ad.

7. Show Tutorials

Users nowadays like to recreate things on their own time. Create a series of videos for users to be able to make with DIY tools. It can be related to edible and drinkable items, home appliances, fashion, etc.

8. Have a Colour Theme

Give your product a color theme that gives a visual representation of it when posting on your account. Say for example your product is related to lotion; giving it a background colour of baige and brown or even wood style theme is eye catching.

9. Cross-Promote Content

Partner with other brands that are part of your product line to cross-promote the content you have created to pull together all your followers in one campaign.

10. Feature Reviews

Are you getting positive reviews? Don’t keep them for yourself! Feature them on your Instagram account always, as these also helps increase leads for your product/service. You can create a short video of the reviews that have been written, these can be published as a post, in your Instagram Stories or create a specific Highlight for Reviews. ENQUIRE NOW

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For Social Media Marketing, why being young matters.

Social Media Marketing tips you’ve probably never heard of!

Being young is so much fun and interesting. It has an all-new vibe to it. For social media marketing, being young is the attribute most marketers are looking out for while curating their content in the UAE. This is not just because of the tried and tested ‘catch them young’ philosophy, but there is a huge study around it. If we quote the Arab Media Outlook report, we understand that 50% of the region’s population is under 24 years. This demographic young crowd has its own unique quirks and social media usage patterns. This includes spending almost two hours a day watching videos and engaging with social networks.

Now, this is just a beginning of it. In-depth study of youngsters’ behavior over digital platforms also can be a learning lesson for the digital marketers on ‘how to ace social media marketing.’ Wondering how? Let us take you through key takeaways on being young at social media:-

1. Know how they post

Be it their lingo or the usages of short forms and the already popular hashtags, the youngsters are conversant with the medium like no other. They know what type of content works where and frame the content accordingly. So, it would be safe to say, learn the social media content creation right from the youngsters.

The Tip 

To make the content engaging, we need to find the type of content useful for your followers in an easy and coherent way.

2. Make social media fun and carefree

If you look at the social media handles of the youngsters, you will find that they post the content that is fun, happening, relevant, and engaging in every sense. Digital marketing UAE can borrow this concept in their posting strategies to earn more engagement.

The Tip

Make social media platforms fun and immersive experience for the followers.

3. Be consistent

Youngsters might not pay attention to their studies, but when they post, they are regular at it. Take any social media platform owned by youngsters, they keep it regular with the postings. The reason behind this is the fact that it is not a chore for them, but an enjoyable experience to share and see the thumbs-up numbers growing.
They have so much to say / post in a fun way that their vibe becomes infectious. Digital marketers can borrow this consistency facet while posting regularly on social media and stay relevant among the followers.

The Tip

Sharing engaging content consistently is the key to earn repeated visitors and ensure thriving social media presence.

These are some of our observations that can make your social media management UAE a thriving business opportunity. Hope you liked it? Do share your comments or feedback with us, it is the guiding light for us at Red Berries. So, stay connected.

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